How to Make an Electric Hot Wire Lighter

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WTF Channel says:

make a vape!

Asis Kumar Mukherjee says:

which type of wire it is

박지수 says:

Let me know the ingredients

Ashok Vaishnav says:

Is Tar Ka Kiya Nema He Or Yh Konsi Dukhan PR Mikata He

ThatGuyFromYoutube says:

So, I want to make one wich can only go to around 200 °c, and I think that thing is a whole lot hotter. Now, I can imagine you should make the voltage lower for that… But how do you do that?

SixtySilentSeconds says:

*how to build a mod

HowToTastic says:

What song is that???

F 1 says:

i use zippo instead this shit

Delfox Boy says:

u can make vape pen out of this

Nabeel Nasir says:

please send me wire name

Matic Cizl says:

what cind of wire is that ?

rizkillah segaff says:

ente lulusan apaan bang?

Ali Mirza says:

Every angle of all the tools and materials you use! What the hell is wrong with you?! It gets annoying!!

RedXGaming - minecraft gameplays and more says:

im tell something your ….


boobalan chandru says:

Ur video watching headpain coming da thevidiya paiyaa

TDA & more says:

I had lost my dog can I get 1m likes to recover it

RedXGaming - minecraft gameplays and more says:

but stop louring the video it makes me sick #sorry

Korbin Broderson says:

i turned it into a vape

kinshuk agarwal says:

which wire u used

OutdoorFun WithLogan says:

Do a tiny welder

Lazarous 420 says:

Wow you really know how to bore people by spinning every fucking item

jitendra thagunna says:

what that wire name

aquilestube hd says:

What materials do toy use

Ibrahim Khan says:

ye jo wire jo red jalta he is ka naam kya hai

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