How to Make a Simple Electric Power Chisel at Home . | DIY |

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Faisal Mengal says:

Not good

Mzee Simba says:

Better use hammer and chisel

manu.kv kv says:

ha ha ha

zorrito says:


Khazan Santa says:

Idea flop

ufc alvin says:

what? hahaha

Toha Jaya says:

No good

PC Vardhan World says:

Spring wrong direction mein laga hai….. Spring ko chisel ko push karne ke liye nhi balki pull karne ke liye use karo

Sebastian Pereyro says:

Есть технопорно, а тут техноебля какая-то

Miguel Betancourt says:


paiwan nong says:


Larry Hutcherson Sr says:

Sometimes you just gotta use what you’ve got. Not sure I would ever resort to this though. Still it was a somewhat clever idea.

Djjoao Bhmg says:


Maya Lopez says:

Just sharp the concrete flat spade of your cheeping hammer and you’ll see how quick and easy you can manipulate wood
(Rough work)

Geraldo GCR says:

Muito ruim não corta nada

Julas13 says:

waste of time

Sergey Dvoretskyi says:

Бесполезнее херни я ещё не видел

Rein says:

Que estupidez más grande

george tissot says:

Too much work for such a slow/poor performing power chisel. Interesting idea, keep on trucking.

Nanda dian says:

Haaaa haaa..wkwkwkwk…failed

shane ajay says:


C-Martz says:

I don’t mind the creativity and kudos for the effort but these annoying music attachments have to go. They are so overused , I would rather hear tooling than this music.

Jaime Márquez Martínez says:

worst shit ever

Andrew Macgregor says:


mineiro et vga mg says:

*+ou- , +ou- …*

Xuân Việt says:

Ủn chán còn đéo đi

firdaus petra says:

this just rush and poorly build just to make youtube content

pa vijayakumar edapally says:

Lousy, time waste

Didin Doang says:

Te cocok kang etamah jeung mahat pangrari imah mh…

Серёга Савин says:

nu polnoye deremo ty debil blyat’

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