How to make a DIY Thermoelectric Generator

In this video we’ll be building a thermoelectric generator that can provide enough power to charge your smartphone using just candle flames!


Thermoelectric plates*:


Voltage regulator:


Thermally conductive glue:


*It’s important to not let these budget plates get too hot, or else they can be damaged. Just make sure you refresh the water regularly and you should be okay.

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Eliusalmo1 says:

Humm! Interesting as a matter of knowledge.. But solar panel will work better..

TourdeFrance20131 says:

You need to keep that water running to heat up your house. But hey. Where did you get that energy from?

From the sun? No you have to buy candlelights.

So in fact if you have a fireplace running on gas. Then what you can do is built something nice to get electricity from that source.

It is better tough to use an economiser instead. To heat up water for your central heating system aswell.

My system doesnt have that. And you are in fact obstructing the flow of nitrogen oxide gas which then can drop into your room also.


So you need to get that gas sucked out by some sort of thing. Perhaps with a fan blower but that uses electricity. So for that purpose you might use thermal electricity.

What we want nowadays is to make stuff more durable and lasting.

But in my point of view you can do that yourself very well.

Since huge companies wont let you really. Because each individual is a money maker for them.

Alexander Herzog says:

could you use those pads to cool electronics in a laptop?

Esam 231 says:

What if I can’t find a converter without a usb charger and use a normal one??
Does anyone know what I can do

Gord Thor says:

Why not put half in parallel to double current if you can reach 15 volts?

Trevor Allen says:

I love native union! I have one of their brown ten foot cords! It’s sooooo high quality!

Jacob Speer says:

How many watts did this produce?

Ganesh Acharya says:

please send material descriptions ,so that I can purchase from electronics Spare Shop
please sir

christian cantos says:

Hello sir how can i implement a 2A current for charging using this device?

MrCrofty1993 says:

may be a stupid question but witch way do you put the peltier plate cold side on water side and hot side fire side or other way round none videos make it clear

Mike Teo says:

I wish he had shown us the difference ice would have on the generator.

Voylin's life says:

Is there a reason why you use 10 of them? 😮

Vychrtlín Špekomil says:

use waste oil lamp

Gideon Rah says:

Good video

Guy from the Internet says:

this project works but impractical. If only there is a way to cool the water, having it be replaced with colder water automatically or be cooled elsewhere.

Rosalie B says:

Does anyone know where I could find aluminium strips in europe?

ZettaFan says:

Could you make this inverse so that a fire pit goes into the container (A metal one) and the bottom goes into a creek or running water?

Fantastic Life says:

we can make it more advance by putting solar cell instead of candles to heat the water.


I enjoy small DIY project

Bombs Away LeMay says:

The rover Curiosity uses thermoelectric generation

Kadin Hernandez says:

Finding methods to cut your power bill does not have to be complicated. In some cases, we make a good choices and end up making things better in the future. By using this generating power technique “boma fetching unique” (Google it), you can make your own power and save cash on bills.

pds tech says:

even if you get the candles at the dollar store, you’ll still pay almost $1 to charge your phone lol
there’s more practical uses (and heat sources) for TEG’s

TheHomicidalTendency says:

Wouldn’t it make more sense to use TEGs, and say wood pellets or a trey of slow burning oil, so you can power more than just a phone.

samarpan harit says:

How to increase power output??

Rugg0064 says:

You can water cool it, but can you overclock it?

-evoscrane - says:

Sorry if my question sound dumb, If I use the same method but changing it with TEG, is the phone still charging? Sorry for my bad grammar.


Can we use one thermoelectric plate ?

Ianroberts97 says:

this could be made more efficient with a convection powered cooling circuit

qwertypop says:

That’s pretty cool. I wonder if you could use the sunlight as the heat source (put a black plate on one side to heat up in sunlight), and then have it cooled from the bottom…

Anette Boström Sidestål says:

Hmmm,my electronical skills are too low …. if I put this on my home made camping stove to charge my phone it wont work unless I have a cooling medium on the other side … or maybe a winter in Siberia would be enough …. But – if I have this on the top of my cooler in the sun in Spain does that mean they can keep my food cool?

Artjoms Pugacovs says:

Not awesome.
This one handles up to 150 Celsius.

To generate power buy TEG, tese are made to generate power not cold or heat.

Yee Xue Ying says:

How long does it take to charge a phone?

Noel says:

The descriptions is flawless

Gorilla Disco says:

How high the temperature can be before I have to remove the candles?

McBane AndAssociates says:

How many amps?

John Hales says:

has anyone built one that puts out significant wattage ie 2k or more @ 120 volts?
If so please link me, thankyou

satvik tyagi says:

what will be the output volt of a single plate at 100℃?????

Deepshul GaMeR says:

Gummy Bears fo life

Aldo Andrade says:

this was so damn cool. can you do some solar power projects?

Martin Topp says:

Very well explained and narrated. You could get a job as a narrator if you don’t have one already. I have got to do this. This is absolutely brilliant. What about making a bigger one to charge a 12v battery? Would that be possible?

Charles Myrick says:

how much does a unit like this cost you have solved a problem I was having in creating a light powered electric generator mainly what to do with the heat.

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