How To Make A $5 Static Electricity Generator

This is a great beginner electronics project that can be done in under an hour for around $5. Here is a search link for the ionizer I used (this is an affiliate link):
Be sure to check out Giaco Whatever’s channel: A big thanks to him for supporting my projects with his sponsorship!

You can see my video building the previous Static Electricity Generator here:

The generator featured in this video is less powerful than my old versions as the electronics are less capable of high currents and voltages, but it produces enough of an effect to put on a good show. This version also doesn’t hurt as much to use. My previous model shocks hard! Both versions have their place for various demonstrations.

This is the video where I first discovered this ionizer:
This video explains some of the circuitry involved:

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InSoluBle Gaming says:

this could be used to deactivate my friend’s annoying calculator right?

Chopper Christian says:

can I shock people with this?

Just thinking Random says:

I’ma walk into class and high five anyone I can…hopefully I have computer tech that day……

M.S.H Master of science and hacking says:

is it real?????

Almighty_Pain says:

Can u shock other people with this?

mouseArmy says:

I tried to make it and I can feel it on my skin its got charge but I can’t shock people

iosef 333 says:

This video gave me an idea, what if instead of using one big battery, use many batteries in series and parallels? So it can recharge super fast.

P.D. Sorry for bad english.

Hunter Douglas says:

Can you shock other people

Alexander Guryanov says:

High voltage converter from USB… They are crazy! It is a perfect device to burn out your laptop.

Matthieu Desfontaines says:

Hi ! Thank you for your amazing videos ! I’m actually trying to duplicate your usb ionizer project but it doesn’t work… I power the usb ionizer with a 5 volts batterie. Howewer, when I approach the ground wire to the output wire nothing is happening. I measured with my voltmeter and there is only 2-8 volts between both. Could you help me to overcome those difficulties ? Sorry for my english I come from France 😉 Thank you and hopefully see you soon !

Aquai Watertatoe says:

let’s say that I attached a 9 volt battery to this because I was lazy. would that have totally fried the board or is there still hope for it?

Prez Connell says:

Does this still work if you have piercings in

Luke Thornley says:



What if you touched someone with this?

pldfpodl efzk,l says:

will it work if i put a 6v battery

Debajyoti Dash says:

Can I ground the negative and connect the positive to my body. Will it still work?

mike knite says:

i have acouple of questions. if i were to touch someone with this could i spark and shock them? is there any way of making this a lot more powerful? thanks

Just thinking Random says:

If I have a USB charger battery, can I use that to power it?

WinStoppin says:

Hey I’m doing a work for school and I would like to understand why there is a ground wire and what it does because I can’t understand it.. could you explain it briefly to me? thankss

ferna2294 says:

Good to use while handling expensive computer parts.

Sam Lane says:

how do you do that sand trick i made one and i cant get it right

Logan Darklock says:

“I’d just like it to be a few inches longer”

Hacking the hackers says:

Soory i forget to tell my house adress house no3058 phase2 dugri ludhiana punjab, india


Is this bad for you

BitGridTV says:

USB ionizers?
what are these good for?

Numnum says:

I made this but now my penis wont wake up

Yusuke Urameshi says:

Instead of using a USB one you can get an anion 12v on ebay for like 3$.

Jake Flasck says:

would this work with any usb?


sir can u make mirco smoke device that can fit on a deck of card??if how can make?? like a vape??


‘I just like it to be a few inches longer’

Sam Lane says:

how do you do that sand truck i made one and i cant get it right

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