How to make 100% free energy generator without battery with the help of bearings | home invention.

Title : how to make free energy generator without battery with the help of bearings

Hi friends this project is based on inertia when the bearing is rotated by a small motor the inertia of bearing help to rotate it few seconds more after disconnecting the battery hens it will rotate the dynamo and dynamo will produce electricity that electricity can be used to rotate the small motor .
this cannot produce high power because it is already using a power to run a small motor…

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Anthony Handcock says:

So those two black wires going out of the bottom of the frame…

jerrystringer06 says:

Nice. But I Really can’t Stand when people do these videos & don’t talk, explaining what they are doing or their intentions while working! I know what you’re doing but I’m Speaking for people that don’t know what’s going on. TALK NEXT TIME SMH!

Guido Hafner says:

Loading Accu of Cellphones (Handy)

Taha Ragheb says:

You lie this is not the right logic to create a free power . Every power in the life must power saver battery or save power in Polly rotation

Tom Teseletec says:

I smell other power, in large motor? Always one motor you not battery test before final connect.

Devil Inside says:

Let me dislike

J Hewitt says:

this is both true AND false…the system produces from the larger motor, the smaller motor is not for turning the larger motor directly though, the battery produces enough to spin the outer housing of the bearings, the large size of the bearings provide an inertial maintenance for the larger motor, but as pointed out, once the battery was removed, the output torque and RPMs from the smaller dropped, the system as good as it looks though will fail, the entropy from the weight of the bearings and the friction from both bearings AND the larger motor will eventually become too much for the smaller motor to maintain and it won’t be able to maintain the RPMs, slowly causing the output from the larger motor to drop, there by causing the smaller motor to further lose it’s ability to maintain the system and it will cause a cascade failure soon after, it’s not being powered by a hidden battery, the video was just cut off before the cascade became noticeable

Linked Neurons says:

I like the fact that you don’t rely on words, as this opens the video up to more people, but can you show us the containers that some of these items come in, or put sources in the description? You can use a time stamp for the location in the video where you first show them for the link to a place to buy them.

Rogelio Antonio Gutierrez Pareja says:


megafilmes/netflix * says:

Idiota não soube nem editar o video por cima

Jamal Ali says:

i+i……means indian idiot

Канал Развлечений says:

С маховиком отличная идея!!! Но любой моторчик которы выступает в роле генератора выдаёт переменный ток, а не постоянный! Так что видео 99.9% Пиздёшь!!!

Ted Sierpinski says:

Don’t buy any free energy generators. You can get seeds on ebay to grow your own generator tree. Two types available – AC or DC.

HDMovies says:

Half of your video becomes naked

pat14162 says:

L’énergie libre n’existe pas … arrêtez de prendre les gens pour des cons, et allez vous faire foutre avec votre vidéo de merde.

COMRADE 101 says:

Complete bs, you can see the splice mark in the video at 4:00. He is powering those motors seperatly.

JaJa WIN says:

This will save some gasoline.

Benjamin Dupuy says:

A battery was used, not free energy

Nathan .S says:

I have no idea how this guy has so many subs

Linda says:

I want to make it but I need more help like a list of parts, were you get the parts. amd then I think I can put it together with your video

VAmpire Vanhouten says:


idohou ola. A says:

C’est bon c’est magnifique

Shantel Guetgen says:

I did something very similar, new plans from Avasva helped me with this.

Rodney Santos says:

If u can, please provide detailed instructions.

White Cat says:

Пиздёшь, и провокация

gamo98 says:

very fake

Jae Sun Tea says:

3:58 revelation?

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