How to Build a DIY Themoelectric Generator

This generator will allow you to reclaim energy from any heat or cold source. Check it out on instructables!


zombievirals says:

Do you think this would work well as opposed to the Goal Zero? I’m trying to keep the cost
down on mine, so I found a 10A, 12V Solar Panel Regulator. It has two USB ports in it, but I can
also wire the output to a 12V Lead Acid rechargeable.

Great video though, I’ve been interested in alternative energy for many years,
only recently did I discover thermo-electric, I’m really excited about building this. About the
cooling fan though, just a standard CPU fan right? Wired before or after the regulator?

Thanks again for the inspiration! I will be sure to post a video of mine once it is built
and working(I’ll even make sure to put up links to your video and instructable if you don’t mind).

tc construction says:


Elie Rathon says:

Could you please tell me the name of another voltage regulator device, one that is cheaper. Thank you so much

vijay sai chowdekar says:

Very good video Danno Peters well explained, but
from where can v get the materials especially heat sink

ReTasti says:

great idea, i like it, i sub u 494
i hope u visit my channel to, coz i’d some videos like u

Sarah Nicole says:

what type of peltier plates did you use?

Glorval MacGlorvas says:

Ya…. I reclaim a respectable amount of electricity from my computer by TEGs, my moniter gets kinda warm and my computer generates quite a bit.

gavin thurston says:

you guys cleared up some interesting thoughts on tec power generation especially when it came to the bowl of snow and how Thermal peltiers work for both hot and cold energy generation. thanks.

Mr Wolf says:

rough but it does the job 🙂
great idea I have several old CPU coolers I might purchase some TEC’s on Ebay.

Alex Fagan says:

This helps a lot. Thanks.

bashpr0mpt says:

And for the price it you could buy a decent portable generator that won’t frag out in the next decade.

Johnathan Wuethrich says:

ipa takes off cpu thermal compound with out much trouble

Musa Sulejmani says:

Hello, I’m new to all of this. I’m building a similar project for my class. You mentioned an “Electrical Merit” at the beginning. May I ask what that is and possibly a link of where to purchase one?

FruitNinjaBoss says:

Thank you! This is awesome! Now I can charge m iphone in the woods! 😀

Carl Kane says:

Dope as fuuuuuuuck!

Ragil Setio Pranowo says:

which side of peltier to ‘burn’ for generator? (cold or hot side)

thanks for sharing.

drafura says:

And the most important thing is to not use any protection for your hands when manipulating tools, so you’ll get those beautifull hands you’ve seen on the video in no time !

Peter JF says:

This would be great for a cabin with a wood burning stove.

Source Port Services says:

Sweet video Danno! Could I get your thoughts on mine?

BluntForceTrauma666 says:

Hahaha! I love how the feline critter just cruises up and pads on past, around 6:14…

cheasea says:

the title is deceiving.. I thought you were making a peltier plate, not that. cool video for those lookingfor it though

Satisfying Videos HD says:

Hey, so how many volts does a candle flame produce in an hour and is their a more efficient way of capturing that thermoelectric energy from a heat source or scaling this to store energy in a large cell to than power homes or sell to an electric company? My company dug a hole 5 miles deep into the earth and at the bottom is temperatures exceeding 250 degrees so if we inserted a long copper pole to transfer heat to the surface well have a constant source of heat to power a thermoelectric generator like yours.. theoretically giving us free energy forever.

Edward vp says:

great video guys

yes man says:

you need to take the marbles out of your mouth so we can understand what you are saying! Practice Enunciating!! You must be from Canada eh! Good ole Princess auto strippers

Dylan Lal says:

Can you use thermal grease to glue the Peltier tiles to the copper plate?
(So the peltier tiles will be glued to the heatsink)

Shanta Hsieh says:

I’m sure that you will find good way to make it on Inplix Website.

mark kenneth cadena says:

What’s the next with copper? The white one with wire red and black?

Rheinstern Richard says:

This thermoelectric generator usually called a renewal energy isnt it?

Jolly Joel says:

I think you guys need to look up the word “Polishing”

Kenneth Pruett says:

I’d like to combine this with a terracotta heater to power a fan to use with the terracotta heater.

Tor Skude says:

What kind of power can you get out of this? 5W? Did you measure it?

Andy P says:

….. ok this is new to me, so I’m gona ask a stupid ?  would a piezo crystal wafer work as a peltier device???

Elie Rathon says:

Also can it really charge a iphone

Lyle Halverson says:

How does it work with no dissimilar metals???

benjamin hawkins says:

please buy a tripod. the mic squeaking is awful. otherwise informative

Philip Henry says:

whats bad… i know what you got those heat sinks from, white box sever. some times in dell 2650

Vadym Radkov says:

It’s simple. Just go to INPLIX page and make it yourself.

shubham mahajan says:

what is this at which you had keeped fan

Mark Tristan Cruz says:

is there really a need to use a goal zero?

worddunlap says:

I hate to spoil this but get some diodes.

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