Homemade Wind Turbine Generator! – Wind Power Generator! – simple DIY (runs radio!)

Homemade Wind Turbine Generator! Wind Power Generator. Easy DIY Instructions. items needed: PVC Pipe, propeller blade, DC motor and wire. Stand is made of 3/4″ PVC. Produces essentially “free” usable power to run radios and small lights etc… add the optional battery/inverter for making AC power. adding a storage battery also makes it possible to run larger items (whether the wind is blowing or not) …and add a small inverter to run AC powered items. this “table top” size model would be useful in many off-grid situations including SHTF/Emergency/Power Outage/Camping/Rural Living etc… simple assembly/disassembly. durable, lightweight and portable. notes: propeller blades of this kind can be found at your local hobby store. use PVC Pipe Cement to make the stand more “permanent”. the wire i used is from an old extension cord. since filming i’ve reduced the length of the wire from 8 ft. down to 2 ft. (shortening the wire increases power output). low power radio was used. operates on as little as 28-35ma at 2v-3v. (43ma at 2.4v was average output using small desk fan). volt/amp readings on meter were all over the place when i used the leaf blower (5 to 10 times higher vs. desk fan). leaf blower produces wind up to 140MPH. i blasted the wind turbine with blower from about 3 feet away for over 5 mins and it stood firm entire time.


James Mulchrone says:

Have you tried running it over a long period of time, if so does the small motor last well?

Chaitu Chaithanya says:

how to store this electrical energy into battery

aryu gautam says:


Leo Jeffry Su says:

How big is the motor?

ruth andrew says:

What’s the white stand called

Micah Nightwolf says:

For better results, you can build one that rotates freely so that it can follow changes in wind direction automatically. A tail vane and two right-angle gears will come in handy here. You can stuff the motor down the vertical pipe and have the right-angle gear mounted on it with the other mounted on the turbine shaft.

Lisa Gonzalez says:

Where did you get the propeller bade?

Dereka Heath says:

i think i would rather go with this than solar. seems cleaner if you think about if you want to make your own solar cells.

Daniel Kim says:

Where do u get the pieces the one 10 inch-11, four 3 1/2 inches and the two 8s and two 3s

David Smith says:

did you end up feeding it through the bottom? Because there’s no way you got it out of that little tiny hole LOL

Kulka Q. says:

What kind of motor is this ? Really want to build one of these!!

JoeAceJR says:

The motor you used, where can I get one of those?

Dr.S. Aluri says:

Hello. How are you. I would like to build a generator at home for a bicycle which can charge the electric bike on the go. Do you think you can suggest any ideas and parts? What I would like to do is basically put the permanent magnets on the bicycle spokes and recreate the coils on a separate frame that can be attached to the wheel center and when the wheel is in motion, it will rotate the magnets near the coils inducing the current. What do you think ?

Qayyum Shaikh says:


Anisa Aga says:

plzzzz in hindi

805chrisk says:

Maybe I’m not sure of how the hole set up works. But why do you need a battery? Can I just put this outside and have the wind spin the propeller And have Free energy. ?

Tokumei Rei says:

Hi! Thanks for the video. I’m gonna make this and attach it to my bicycle to charge a powerbank. Do you happen to have any tips for my project? Will be back to comment about the results!

Tech Talk says:

hii American Iam Indian

Mustafa Hamidi says:

hello sir, i was wondering if you could help me with a few questions because i have an energy project and i decided to create a wind turbine, and thanks to your video i find it possible to make but just need a few answers
1) you said they sell the blades in the hobby shop but since I live in Canada, we don’t have that store anymore, so i was wondering if you could tell me where i could get it from or where i could order it from( what is it called)?
2)what is the name of the wire and how could i get it?
3)where could i get PVC pipes from?
4) what is the code to your motor?
Now these were my questions! I hope you have time to answer these questions A.S.A.P because your my only hope for getting a good mark
Thank you:)

Star Windu says:

Hi, what size propeller did you use for this please?

Shamila Janki says:

Can I link this video to a lesson I’m developing on renewable sources of energy?

Inside Man says:

Good tips .. But was having a smile .. You sound like Nic Cage 😉

Darshan Sunil Malagimani says:

Thanks sir

noodle6666 says:

where did you get the propeller blade?

SaltyLemonz2 says:

could u potentaly use this for a coal/steam generator?

GoLdxSNIP3S says:

Can I have this charge any type of battery? Such as a small car battery, or does anyone recommend anything else better/safe?

Chris Rhodes says:

what kind of generator are you using? nice video

PhoebeTuberHD says:

i did thid for my science test and i got an A+

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