Homemade Power Generator | DIY Free energy Generator.

How to make a Free Energy generator. How to build a power generator DIY energy, instructions here step by step


Lian Pogi says:

what is the music please 00:20

Nusaybah Shaikh says:

pls reply i have a science fair due and i am doing it on this topic

Latha B says:

how to made invetor with out battery

Technical Monty says:

where did you find this circular moter …….. apko ke gol motor kaha se mili

Steven Deverasaria says:

hey you could attach the wires to a charger (the part that you put into the phone) and tadah wireless charger

Shahid Ibarhim Ibrahim says:


Joel James says:

Let me guess… You used viva video to make this video

beverly anne espiritu says:

its really hard to find a 7volts dc motor here in the philippines

Shantel Fullerton says:

All of my eco tools I made with InpliX. Google and try it.

Mysterian says:

The energy is not free. Your’e using your own energy in order to create that energy 😛

Akmal Ilyas says:

i use drill to spin around

Making master says:

well keep it up

Tony Bear xoxo says:

never have to pay Srp again

Dhruvgiri Goswami says:

nice really nice

Nusaybah Shaikh says:

does it have to be the exact same type of motor to do this experiment

Faizan Shaik says:

how it is working without battery and can a normal dc motor can work

Jason Fire says:

how do i get the “motor”

Ludo vlogt lol says:

Do You use viva video to edit?

Faizan Shaik says:


inderpreet singh says:

how many watts does this generator produce

Nusaybah Shaikh says:


Harsh Naik says:


Bernadette Husch says:

I made it with INPLIX handbooks !

Swedish Owl says:

Heeee heeee heeee.

Jchester Pachuau says:

a ho hlawm lutuk

Shantay Madison says:

You should go to Inplix if you’d like to make it by yourselfs guys.

Nicholas says hi says:


Norman Islas says:

On inplix page are instructions if you want to learn how to build it yourself just take them

Iddin Muzzammil says:

this is ac generator right ?

Tommy Junior says:

nice bro

pickleboy75 says:

my question is can you connect the wires to a battery to charge it and use it later
please answer

Marcia Kimberling says:

I bought excellent handbook from Inplix website. Just google inplix and start your journey to better life

Shivam Gupta says:

howmany volt dc motor using

Nived Murali says:


Johannes Vang says:

Shocking video, i was diagnosed with iridocyclitis after watching this.

Tommy Junior says:

Make moreUseful Videos like the steps bro, keep it up 😀

Saritha Reddy says:

can u pl tell me the diameter of the pulley

Connor Joint says:

Why does it give out dc. would a normal 3v motor give dc?

Ambar Prajapati says:

Good. My son made it for his school project in class 6th

Elibrahimi Karim says:


Dušan Miličić says:

Thank you bro, you helped me a lot, I subscribed

Rishi Ranjan says:


Nick Irving says:

What dude why don’t u talk

Manav Desai says:


wahalawatte ananda Gunathilaka says:

You are the the best you tube channel-er of all!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Flash Theorist says:

i have a generator idea if ur gonna make it pls show this comment use a magnetic motor (the oposite ends magnet to make it keep going ) connect it to your motor no more work that is true free energy

Miguel Millaire says:

cool.simple but,cool.

Holly h.Niedermayer says:

Dc Motor
Thank u very much

james wassabi hshdvdbsb says:


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