Homemade “Metal Can” Air Heater! – Survival/SHTF Air Heater! – DIY (uses no electricity!)

Homemade Metal Can Air Heater DIY. no grid power needed (run on alcohol). delivers high temps. great for heating and cooking. use during SHTF/emergency, camping, hiking, hunting or even everyday use. made with only 3 items (metal can, alcohol and toilet paper). can easily be “converted” into a stove. cans used in the video were: progresso soup can, quart paint can and gallon paint can. fuel used: 70% isopropyl alcohol. cans used to “convert” the heater into a stove: del monte spaghetti sauce cans


Ho Tong Fung says:

wow!! it is so cool!!
Can it reuse? I mean only refill alcohol but don’t change the toilet paper.

Tom Wilk says:

can u use metho

USC 07 says:

But in a long term survival situation, toilet paper is too valuable to waste on making a heater.

ObNebur says:

does it work with normal 96º alcohol ?

Kamran Khan says:

God bless u

GAR A says:

how long will it born for the small one

philboytano says:

where can you buy the 70% alcohol. i went to 99c store and all they have is 50% isophrophyll.

Edward Henderson says:

all my roads are impossible to drive on and 50% is all i have and no power and i have my son with me, please tell me 50% will work

Lisa Holder says:

This is so awesome, I did it today with my empty fuel gel cans. I did not put enough alcohol so I will do it again.

Mike peter steimle Nielsen says:

Can you use bioethanol instead

BrothaRobMusic says:

great video but I would have love to see you make a grill cheese sandwich on the little stove

Eric Carroll says:

Can you do with lamp oil

lns snl says:

Could u use a Kevlar type material and keep relighting it? They use that material for fire poi

KISSArmy Libby says:

Excellent! If the power goes off in the winter, you can still keep the family warm AND fix them a hot meal (summer too, but it would sure heat up the house if you used it inside). Thank you for posting.

Pamela Williams says:

I tried this but I only had 50% alcohol is that why mine won’t stay lite?

msPlums7 says:

What else can I use besides rubbing alchohol ? Can I use newspaper and without smoke?

Tom Van Etten says:

Have you tried or heard of anyone using these in a alcohol gel fireplace? Would it work?

rmb22273 says:

Thanks for sharing your ideas….however had a questions would this work also using the candle and fan heater shown in your videos…or would the flames be to high to try it….thanks look forward to your response…

TheConspiracyFact2 says:

Ok, I just made one and it works great, but how long before you need a new TP roll? does it just keep going for a long time as long as it’s full of alcohol, or must you change the TP roll with every refill of alcohol? Gratitude for the vid.

Shelly Robinson says:

Used this method for years for camping & etc..it also great to keep a large can in your vehicle,for those cold winter areas..great for heating a vehicle if broke down..it produces not toxic fumes..so it can be used in confined areas.

Mir Hammal says:

very nice idea, thank you so much. how long the fire stays in different sizes?

Eric Carroll says:

How long will a burn until it goes out


Question is wich country yuo can find alcohol 70% ? As you have in your film. In many countrys you don’t find such alcohol, maybe kerosin then ?


You are so awesome.

cockerrocker says:

Can you reignite by pouring in more alcohol once it goes out, or do you have to change the roll?


Thanks For The Info I will be doing this ASAP save Money

shawno009 says:

could you drill a hole in the bottom of the can and hook up a dripper to a long line of alcohol for constant feed?

Victor Wyszomirski says:

How long would they burn ?

Focusontrack says:


Tembojack says:

Ima use this for ice fishing

Earth Lab says:

If you really want to use it as a heater add a pipe over the top of it and a fan behind it.

Brandon T says:

I got about 1 hr burn time when using a soup can. I am going to use a paint can and have some spare lids so I can experiment with different diameter holes to increase burn time.
I currently use a buffet heater which burns 6 hrs but can get costly. I put it in a coffee can turned on its side and use them when hunting. One under my seat and one dug into the ground with a steel grate over it.

Janice Howard says:

Fantastic I am going to have a go at that asap. Good for power cuts.

Dan Becker says:

Great idea .. Thanks ..

Mosekonenerne says:

Reuse cans from the kitchen Great and save heat bill as well 😀

Shelly Robinson says:

As the alcohol burns off you can just had more and continue to use the same wick

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