Homemade Dynamo Generator 220V Attached To Two Stroke Engine. DIY Free Electricity Dynamo Generator.

Hi Guys here is the new video of my project “Homemade Dynamo Generator 220V Attached To Two Stroke Engine. DIY Free Electricity Dynamo Generator..” from “Electrical and electronics projects” “E&EP” Channel.

This is a old style washing machine’s motor and i have converted it into free energy generator it gives AC voltage as well as DC by using bridge rectifier just spin motor’s shaft with regular circular motion
and it will keep continue giving voltage increasing the speed giving more voltage decreasing speed giving low voltage we can also use it as a wind turbine by simply connecting fan blades to it and will become
a wind turbine and now i have attached it to a two stroke small engine and it’s working perfect as you seen in video.

Thank you for watching my video and let me know comments down below that should i convert it to wind turbine guess me and give me some ideas on which i will work Thank you.

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Note that keep your every part of body away from wires every where do not mess with high voltage it can kill you and this free energy generator gives high voltage approximately 150V to 250V which is very dangerous for human any living things in the world
that can kill you and injured you and don’t spin motor shaft very fast when you are trying 12V DC electronics to operate with high voltage it can damage your electronics.

I can not be held responsible for any lose of property,damage or loss life if it comes to that.

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Siggi Siggi says:

Das kabel rechts ist viel zu auffällig

ToolsConsumables says:

Not quite free as you are using fuel to power your generator. What’s more you may be very familiar with electrical principles; the same cannot be said for your mechanical understanding. Your chain is so loose as to be a real hazard that it may come off with disastrous consequences. Your chain should have very little play so as to keep your whole set up safe. I sincerely hope you don’t learn the hard way. Best of luck with your demonstrations.

firoz kamarudin says:

You may use a pulley tensioner for the chain

Carlos Smart says:

You promised us that you will show us how you converted the washing motor to a generator, long before you made this video. When are you going to show us. Several people asked you the same question on the page with your last project but you have not answered. WHY?

Sosyal Medya Delisi says:

dişli çarkın çapını büyütseydin daha hızlı bir enerji elde edebilirdin 😉

Hameed Bangash says:

The first of all, nothing is for free so nobody should claim that. 2nd where is the governor ? how will you control the frequency and engine RPM, 3rd thing you are getting just 100W power out of generator, you should go for direct coupling with atleast 3KG of fly wheel to cater the surge load, install proper governor and the power you should get must be atleast 2KW out of this genset. chain drive is not safe for continuous high speed operation.

Victor Raj says:

dude your chain is loose

Swaraj Projects says:


Abhi Patel says:

bro voltage sahi nhi h

kuhrd says:

So you have basically pieced together one of the most inefficient and polluting gasoline powered generators possible and connected it via a loose chain no less.

Not sure why you keep saying free energy when the entire unit is running off the fuel being burned in the 2 stroke engine. Even if you found all your parts for free and set up a wind turbine to drive the generator to produce electricity, it is still not free since it costs materials, labor, time and maintenance. Instead of free, It would be inexpensive.

jp says:

I think it was a chap called Parry Thomas who attempted the world land speed record on Pendine Sands in South Wales with a chain driven car back in the old days. The chain broke and took his head off. OOER! Just a thought.

Miguel Santana says:

run the engine on hydrogen please.

Midhun Murali says:

where do i buy this 2 stroke engine

n3rdbear says:

A black dude who’s into electronics…….. well this is a first. I usually see white dudes in youtube videos about electronics.

Jing Arjay87 says:

ur chain is wayy to loose..try a tighter chain or an tensioner if possible,it can improve the power

Ethnobotanical Grower says:

Please, can you do a video on how to wire the motor?

Bobby Tectalabyss says:

well done keep improving the design.

Paul West says:

Granted it puts out over 200 volts which can drive the high pulse voltage end of an 120 vac inverter.
Now as for not being environmental friendly, that motor can be converted to run on propane, methane or an 100% pollution free hydrogen oxygen mix via low voltage electrolysis.

Mohsen jaffari says:

دال خور فری اینرجی نه نیت جنراتور بنزین مصرف میکند کجایش فری است

ZubairAhmed Mahar says:

how to make solar water motor

taku weUz says:

why is it that the voltage keep on changing its not constant

GeeK says:

but i think ther motor will get down cz u use the same roller so when u add more light it’w will ber more force on the motor :/ i mean the heat ! or im i wrong ….

Sosyal Medya Delisi says:

sabit bir enerji almak daha uygun olur bu yapmış olduğun projenin voltajı belli değil yani bir makine bağlarsan yakarsın onun için sabitleyici bir depolama yapman gerek yinede başarılı…

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