Home Electrical 101 – What you need to know now!

Watch this super informative and detailed full video to learn about Electrical in your home and discover how to tackle the most common electrical projects you’ll encounter in your home. Coach Tim is our expert and has done it all. Subscribe for fresh videos!


Eric James says:

ok 300.14 nec

Craig Slaunwhite says:

I noticed your tools are grey. I wonder did you spay paint all of them and I wonder for what purpose this has been done. Is it to signify on the job easy which tools are yours. Very cool idea.

AARO LEV says:

why are your power tools all greyed out? is that a photoshop effect

Brandon Dewey says:

Thorough AF. Thank you!! Nice custom painted tools btw.

Mike K says:

12 ft?

Kyle Klinger says:

awesome job man. Thanks for the time and effort!

lifeisgood070 says:

You might want to get a spring loaded center punch. That’s what I use. much faster than 2 hands on a nail/punch and hammer.

Charles Young says:

You are a great teacher–very informative and easy to follow step by step. Thank you

PAP engenharia says:

Hi! We are engineering students and would like to know the name of the foam material between as wood veneers and if this material is flammable. thank you!

Fernando Cervantes says:

muy bueno

Cal Ripken says:

Are you supposed to use 12/2 romex for outlets?

Michael Votaw says:

I usually don’t comment and I know a few electricians. If is was building a house I would want you as my electrician. Great job to detail.

iTsStEpHyyyy says:

Should strike plates be put over all center stud drill outs? Or is that just over kill?

lifeisgood070 says:

I kind of wish they used wire conduit in homes

Andy Z says:

Great video thanks for sharing your experience

James Graul says:

I thought you did a really good job. Keep it up. One of the better videos on electrical wiring on the internet. Kudos.

lifeisgood070 says:

Wow. Way better than the electricians in my house. What’s the easiest way to quickly get an electrician certification? I’d like to mount some recessed lights in the house and run wire to it & the main house panel.

lifeisgood070 says:

& I highly recommend a mask if you drill into dry wall a lot. $30 resporator will keep you safe from that chinese drywall. Probably unnecessary, but you never know with those manufacturers.

dufftime says:

thanks for the video, wish i watched it before my first electrical DIY.
seems like electrical is generally easier if you’re right-handed.

Jason T says:

Can you have a 10gauge wire from main panel run to separate bus bar outside a communication panel?

Mike K says:

Would love to know how many houses burnt down, due to homeowners watching this vid

Rhyan Ross says:

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Rocket Rider says:

At 1:10:10 is it permitted to put two conductors under one screw terminal?

jsslandro says:

I’m an electrician and its obvious this guy is no pro. Give the guy a break jeez

Mike K says:

Why the hell are u using metal boxes???

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