Hack Your Nerves with Electricity. Muscle Dancing with MIDI and Arduinos.

This week we hack our bodies with TENS units and Arduinos. Midi-controlled muscle twitching mayhem!

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DIY Tryin is a brand-new show about do-it-yourself solutions and maker culture from the Tekzilla team! Here on DIY Tryin, we live by the motto; “Why buy when you can make?”


M.A.K says:

Hard science

Steve Ristich says:

If you ever doutbed your love for this show here your episode. This shkw is so awesome.

theskeletonboi says:


David Thurber says:

Yet another reason why Patrick Norton shouldn’t be allowed to play with electricity? lol. Nice one, Patrick, Michael, and Tara.

Medi Sing says:

What model of you TENS unit?

Roadsguy says:

At this rate you guys *will* die trying. 😀

PhattyMo says:

Hmm,I’m pretty sure the Arduino can do MIDI directly,no need for the PC(mac).

JJtoob says:

I was expecting her to play a song or something. She went full sadist holding down the keys for that long. :O

Bean Bandit says:

LoL, yea better cover up that Apple Logo.

MrMartin48705 says:

DIE Tryin??? Really?

trippplefive says:

so she didn’t even press the right button to shock Patrick Norton. fail

Peleg Tsadok says:

I think it could have been done without the computer, I’ve seen some other projects in which an Arduino had read MIDI signals, so it can’t be too hard.

Vinhhotboii says:

I like it.

Comandosg says:

0:50 Please don’t look at me I am not a Mac!!!!

Mechanicus says:

Where is the code? I subbed but unsubbing because no code.

shadfurman says:

Whoa whoa!…. what was she doing under that table?!…


Max Squires says:

Of course Patrick is a badass.

Monkeybear T says:

i think you guys need more relays… because i’ve asked to Miss. Tara if she can play “Le Fantôme de l’Opéra”, because i’m curious of what can happen to the human body, after play with all the harmonics to emulate the pipe organ…

Dima Aryeh says:

That was simply awesome. I especially liked Michael’s intro.

Saloom Rousan says:

first comment

James Worrallo-hickman says:

cool little hack, tara is awesome haha

Jimmie Fender says:

I was looking for something more like you might find in a physical therapist office and found a computer synthesized function generator was great for this.

Levi says:

I wonder if it would be possible to strap someones arm onto a chair or something like that and then put these electrical currents through there arms in order to make them play a song on a keyboard. The strapping of the arms is just so they do not move to much when they get shocked. Because if they move to far away from the keyboard then shocking them wont do anything cool lol

Tekzilla says:

This Tara girl seems dangerous… We hope to see her back soon!

Revision3 says:

Yep, there’s going to be a lot more of this happening at the office from now on

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