Funniest Electrical Pranks YESSS Electrical

Funniest Electrical Pranks YESSS Electrical


ricardo oliveira says:

Muito bom..kkkkkkk

Jin Utchima says:


fjotas says:

2:26 boom headshot KO xD

Lepupa Palu says:


Marcos Castillo says:

I seen people coming out of the closet

Silas Rodrigues says:

2:28 Did’nt electricity kill you? I’ll solve this with my own hands you bastard! Lmao!!!!!!!

Unbeastable says:

Bananaman is gay


2:21 he knocked him out XD


0:26 that guy acts straight when suddenly his feminine side came out

douglas holt says:

ha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha

jozef javor says:


George Knowles says:

None of these are funny. NEVER carry out any sort of practical joke where safety, especially electrical safety, is concerned. People get hurt or killed. Do that to me and expect a smack in the gob.

Keivin Cadavona says:

0:15 is the best hahahaha

Miguelangel D'alessio Wharton says:

Gay couple with banana is the bes t

Keith Jackson says:

I wish this was available in a lower resolution.

Chris Rangel says:

That slap tho lmao!!!

Legoplier awesome says:

2:18 to 3:28

Mobius Klein says:

if you are working with electricity and have morons like these as friends or colleagues, expect a short life. These clips are not amusing.

Peter Johnson says:

asshole brainless scum shit………electricity can kill you very quickly & pranks while you are working with it are not funny,get real shit-for-brains

Lokeren ITA says:

00.28 EPIC

misanthrop1958 says:

this is not funny. I would beat someone, who would do that to me to a bloody pulp. Fucking lunatics

john argue says:

Great video. My favorite part 2:00

Domagoj Horvat says:

This video is funny but as licenced electrician its not worth to die. Be smart when dealing with electricity i was shocked 3 times and i am lucky that i survided. Dont fuck with electricity

Elsa Jara says:


kenny says:

im all in for having fun when YOU are the one doing the electricity work, but when others do it to you when your doing it, that’s just fucking stupid, their putting your life in danger, one mistake and you fry, not funny at all.

Albert Maigue says:

Harry the Balded Legend

Love Conquers All says:

The 2nd clip is a classic. Always gets me, just love it

Katy Rhiane says:

0:29 lol gay

Gina Burt says:

([] []) “zzzzzzzt” “aaaahh” *woman laughing hysterically


2:17 best laugh
2:36 best beating
2:53 best acting
3:35 best porno

0:33 best banana

Biswajit Royal says:

For that prank the reaction r awesome just beat as u can

thisIsVasilius says:

2:24 i think the best part has started after vid ending

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