Fridge without electricity

Between 25% to 50% of the world’s food goes to waste every year. The Biomimicry Global Design Challenge sought to inspire students and researchers to find a solution to food spoilage issues in areas without reliable power. The winning team from the University of Calgary created a refrigerator that runs without electricity. The Windchill relies on concepts borrowed from the biology of insects, coral, kangaroos and elephants, to keep food at a temperature of 40˚ F.

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bipola telly says:

why not collect the pure, distilled water?

Brian Barrios says:

So already it’s a false claim. Solar electric power……… it’s electricity.

Calla Mantzouraniz3 says:

How to solar charge things?????

Blixxa2theRevenge says:

This is rubbish. You’ll never sink off enough heat to make it work right. All you’ll end up with is a muggy box that is either the equivalent of a box in the shade, or slightly worse due to humidity.
Try again.

Jean Ralphio says:

so a fridge that only works when there is wind? sounds great! If you were to go through the trouble of installing solar+inverters+battery banks id say use that to power a regular fridge… i dunno something about a fridge that stops cooling when the wind stops seems like a bad idea.

PNWMan says:

Thunderf00t! Where are you?

Helox says:

Cools to 40 degrees wtf how is that cold… I’m not American use celsius.

Matthew Adams says:

Below 40°? Doesn’t sound too cold to me

BnarC COL says:

Come yo canada, it’s a non-electric freezer for 6 months every year!

blackgriffinxx says:

this need so much work to really work well If they can do it then water from air become easier to do


Very good job

Moo says:

Yeah right. Could you imagine the pressure drop? And it only works when it’s windy.
You might as well just store everything under the permafrost.

Avito says:

Please stop comment and answer my question! Show me a working prototype which you claim to cool the air down to 4.5’C (which is claimed). Show me what’s the starting temperature (air in Sahara desert?) Show me how all the scientists in the world haven’t figured out how to refrigerate meat using only purely evaporative cooling, but your team? Show me you’re not in a bogus contest and you’re not another scientific scammer. Evaporative cooling can’t cool air down to 4.5’C!

Female Intuition says:

All that smarts but they can’t manage a video with vocals. How pitiful us that?

Christopher Gray says:

solar *powered* fan.

yeah then its still using electricity.

MLNova TV says:

collect the water vapors and condense it. or it still requires water to power it.

Nix Ryu The Sergal says:

so it’s a fridge that uses no electricity. except for the solar powered electric fan.

imJ says:

funny thing, the students gets $3000 or something like that but the university and investors make… have a guess xD

Pink Fluff says:

This riddle is easy! The answer is obviously and ice chest!

peejay mcdonald says:

I will be doing a very simple right-in-your-face build of a better fridge, air conditioner, and bulb. Good for the environment, good for everybody’s wallet, and of course will be good for my bank account. Just wait! It’s a secret for now, and then will be sold to air conditioner, fridge companies, and maybe GE. Let it be known!

erick sal says:

Tbh, I think it would be more feasible and plain logical to use a solar panel and a peltier chip, the most common are 12v 6/10 amp, and you can get a reasonable 40f and lower sometimes,

rayden_sibley17 says:

100 comment

Broke controller Gaming says:

Fridge with no electricity (AKA)ice

Marvincent Acuña says:

40° what? 40° Circles? 40° Hotness?

iindium49 says:

I doubt the funnel will move any air from the wind.

Noam Noam says:

Just do a fridge like Arthur’s Ecuadorian neighbors (if someone knows what i talk about..)

hello says:

Half the team was Asian lol

Rok Hamler says:

solar panels are expensive and fairly high tech, if there is no wind you are screwed, no sun you are screwed at least every night and cloudy day.

ARintheseat says:

“metric system please”
1. kys
2. learn it
3. (and this is the easiest) fucking google it.

Diamond Dash says:

If there is no with or no sun

TheOtherWhiteBread0 says:

Absolutely not.

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