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Free Energy Generator Electricity Free Energy .



Free energy doesn’t exit.

My Gmail says:

NO ENERGY!!!! and what about the heater!!??

Gyorgy Vecsi says:

What makes it free? Can you tell us?

Danièle URRUZMENDI says:


Parth Suyal says:

Is this a curie engine

Golden Retriever says:

All this really is is a tiny version of a gas powered electric generator

Though it will probably give you an A plus in the science fair

Steven Andrews says:

free in what sense of the word lol. its not free energy. its just low budget energy.

Vittorio torzella says:


Jay - ROBLOX & more! says:

What is that beeping noise? Smoke alarm?

pierre5325 says:

Dear sir, OK, now you are just showing off! I insist you sell me a kit, or your gold fish gets it!
Sorry, but I am desperate. pierre from New Mexico

TheAnderson1024 says:

Well if free if you stole the lamp oil I suppose?

Tony Kuli says:

Only through experimentation can discoveries be made!  Well done….send one to Obama to sit on, I am sure he would enjoy it!


hace mucho ruido y se puede usar una pila que impulsará el pistón y luego la misma energía generada, cargará la pila

Rev Big D says:

Not free, burning fuel to make heat! Solar would be free,use the sun to heat the tube!

Anonymous says:

U are burning fuel not free

Jacob Thomas says:

That’s a stirling engine

scott22v says:

Couldn’t you use a magnifying glass and the sun for a heat source?

Alan Hamilton says:

this is not free energy as your burning fuel as the power source totally misleading its just an external combustion engine

Ali Raza Taqi says:

good luck

kristóf 734 says:

:O st je to?

King Bee says:

His light he lit with his “free energy” was just as bright as the flame on the wick from the burner.

justin n says:

You are still spending money on fuel so it’s not free. nothing is free. not even wind energy because u have to spend money first to get windmill in order to get the electricity.

AYMANE Erra says:

is it really free ?

nita sok says:

good video

Kenneth Wiedemeier says:

Thumbed down as soon as I seen the flame…

Cacique Urbano says:

This is a stirling engine coupled to a generator, cool.

Avijit Maity says:

U r burning oil and its a free energy??? r u kidding? Heat to kinetic to Electric conversion… any way that idea is cool though… thanks for the Idea… but the name is completely wrong and misleading.

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