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abhishek saxena says:

its is working and it is nice experiment

Dinendar Gangwar says:

it is not working correctly
it creates only 1voltage
please help me

Shannan Schisler says:

Just google ‘inplix’ , take instructions and make it yourself 🙂

Riyal Chandrakar says:

sorry bro it’s work

Adarsh Pandey says:

wiwwww it really worked

Don Wemyss says:

how long will this keep the light going ?

Tyroneous Assault says:

see if freezing the water to 4° helps up the power output. pure iron and copper as well. positive ions to negative ions in the most neutral environment. good job

Brain Walkers says:

Happy to hear Elma…Have a Nice Day:-)

TJI 1555 says:

It AC or DC power?

Dhruv Kothari says:

good idea. Maybe I can use it as an science fair project 🙂 😀 :O

Alan Sumner says:

baking soda?

Gideon Godgill says:


Carmelina Rosinski says:

I am sure you can still buy handbook with all info you need on INPLIX. Just google it.

M Wing says:

Nice idea to add the little jumper wire between the anode and cathode keeping it out of the electrolyte so that it does not corrode. I did this with a 14 cell ice tray X2 and connected them in series. I was able to run a bank of 6 white leds for 5 days continuous. The only difference is I used aluminum nails and just wrapped the copper wire around the head and my electrolyte was bleach and water which really put out the amps/volts. I am going to try your anode/cathode setup and see what happens. :O)

juan perez says:

this really is true ?

angelito saldana says:

how about salt water?

MY TECH says:

This really true?

Min Jie Lai says:

can we recharge the battery?

Mad scientists says:


Brain Walkers says:

In above experiment, Copper acts as Anode, Aluminium foil acts as Cathode and soda water acts as electrolytic solution. Electricity is generated through ion exchange. You can try above experiment using various solutions like coffee, bleach, lemon juice etc. Each solution gives different voltage….Happy to answer more questions…

Tonyo Manansala says:

Is this safe when i make a 12v charger using this power supply

dhanus - says:

which solution give more voltage please tell me

Arezam Arif says:

Hello brain, how long can the voltage keep being supply

Shanta Hsieh says:

All of my eco tools I made with InpliX. Google and try it.

alisha raharjo says:

i already try but it’s not working

Prem Kale says:

How long will it glow

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