Free energy generator homemade 220v attached to bicycle.DIY free electricity generator

Hi Guys here is the new video of my project “Free energy generator homemade 220v attached to bicycle.DIY free electricity generator.” from “Electrical and electronics projects” “E&EP” Channel.

This is a old style washing machine’s motor and i have converted it into free energy generator it gives AC voltage as well as DC by using bridge rectifier just spin motor’s shaft with regular circular motion
and it will keep continue giving voltage increasing the speed giving more voltage decreasing speed giving low voltage we can also use it as a wind turbine by simply connecting fan blades to it and will become a wind turbine and now i have attached it to a bicycle and it’s working perfect as you seen in videoThank you for watching my video and let me know comments down below that should i attached an engine to my free energy generator guess me and give me some ideas on which i will work Thank you.
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Note that keep your every part of body away from wires every where do not mess with high voltage it can kill you and this free eergy generator gives high voltage approximately 150V to 250V which is very dangerous for human any living things in the world
that can kill you and injured you and don’t spin motor shaft very fast when you are trying 12V DC electronics to operate with high voltage it can damage your electronics and i can not be held responsible for any lose of property,damage or loss life if it comes to that.

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Saif Awan says:

I have search another idea that we can use washing Machine motor as can apply Alternator

Bonbon T says:

it’s only free energy when he pedal the bike lol! yup u get some free energy but u sure lose alot of energy on that bike lol…

Senghor Macavoray Coker says:


Ameensab Mulla says:

That massion was really fine but cycal running on energy that problim

Tony Kuli says:

well done ….now all you have to do is fix the generator onto the bike and you are off!!

Bogdan karpovich says:

I made it, learned on inplix website. great solutions I think.

Ansar Khan Rathore says:

You need one person for riding bicycle all the time then you should get power supply

David HK says:

good demo biggest problem is storage of your energy would suggest you spend time pumping upcompressed air with a conpressor for 1hour then run led lights but am inpressed you run a grinder

mohamed mohamoud says:

finaly I try it it works well…its valuable thing for us.
thanks you sharing…

thesecret2 says:

you might want to show the people out there how to make it from the generator

Hamza ahmed says:

man boom good make more videos

Wildan Apache says:

hallo,,,the genartor from motor waching machine?

Baardson says:

you are not producing 500 watt. your body will not be able to produce so much 🙂

AF GS says:

but this energy are not constant.

Carlos Smart says:

I have been monitoring the views on this page for the last hour and have seen over one hundred views within that time. This is not a usual thing for many how-to-do videos. But as you can see there are many people who want to know and learn how to do these things, especially what you are doing. Some will comment and some just wont want to take the time to comment. But the information in this video is of great value to us.
Thanks again.

Seraj Ansari says:

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manish kumar says:

लगे रहो
लोगो को तो कोई ऩ कोई चाहिऐ टांगे खींचने को

I really appreciate your work

Becky Morales says:

thank you for sharing your knowlege is appreciated

mavio Paul says:

I really don’t remain the same with yo videos

Milan Mitrasinovic says:

This is ridiculous…you obviously mismatched the term “free energy” …. you need a few well trained persons for your device to produce continuous electricity, man … give them proper food, drink, toilette…this is not free at all !!

Daniel James says:

Hey that was good,keep showing More,I know that it’s free energy and you do to. So ignore those people they can make one better.ha Ha .i appreciate your project and your English,it’s all good.Thumbs up!

Ademola Ogundipe says:

you promised in the first video that you will show the inner components
and what you added to the old washing machine motor, i am guessing its
stator drum comprises of magnets while the rotor core is copper coils?
please explain i have a project of mine i will like to share with you

Hari prasad sharma says:

keep on PEDALING entire life……

mousehead2000 says:

I’m not going to lie. Your English needs work but your information is good.

Zohaib Khan says:

best of luck

Crazy Cajun says:

Your English is very good. Love your creative videos.

Zedword says:

It’s not free energy because time is money and not to mention extra food consumption. I think it would be a interesting experiment to compare the actual cost of this to the power company.

Umar Khan says:

plx tell me that can I make a DC or AC free generator at home.means that I couldn’t give input but can only get output…guide me please I’ll waiting…

ramkumar lama says:

hello brother.what kind of free are riding by feet.that is also happend your free energy.hahaha…..

narayanaswamy mn.swamy says:

which type of generator used for generating 220volts electricity by rotating a wheel

hamid inamullah says:

hey bro can u tell me which magnet u have used to make it and have u made any changes to the armature windings

Ogbonnia Agha says:

u should come down from that useless thing u call free energy and stop winning that fucking shit u call leg and we if the energy will continue

akhtar hussain says:

Great work also make the video at this generator how u make it from motor

Steven Bell says:

So good of you. Brilliant design my friend. Please keep on going with this idea. Your work is what the world needs now more than ever.

Kaleem Ullah says:

Urdu ma bad kro

Prasanna Venk says:

bro what motor is that and where it is available

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