Free Energy Generator – Free Electricity – Free Electricity for Life – DIY

Free Energy Generator – Free Electricity – Free Electricity for Life – DIY

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In this video we will show you how to make Free Energy Generator

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TechnoWizard says:

Not free energy. Your body has energy because you ate some food and had some nutrition. That food costs money and work to produce. This is energy conversion from one form to another.

Ikraam Mukadam says:

abdul bhai ek number video hai

Divergent Droid says:

Yeah.. sure.. this works because Motors and generators Are the same thing.. just as Speakers Are Microphones, only larger with the signal fed backward. Trouble is you still have to use energy from the food you eat to crank this.

A Cityzen says:

Great vid 🙂 if you use say a 5 inch wheel to turn it other than the cumbersome wire thing I think that would be better.

Deepak Shukla says:

Cool vid; really like it. Looking forward to viewing some more 🙂

goldfishRcool 123 says:

Wow that’s pretty cool

Bob Berg says:

Your elbow grease may be free, I would charge for mine… :o) Good video, well done.

Shantel Fullerton says:

The best instruction is on InpliX website.

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