FREE ENERGY. FREE ELECTRICITY. How to lower your electric BILL. (DIY – Do It Yourself)
Stopping of the electricity meter (Electricity Meter hack live)

Free energy. Free electricity. How to lower your electric bill.
Stop Power Meters (without the magnet)
It is REALLY Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill / electrical meter control tips (electric meter slow down) & How to save electricity ,at home,how to save money,degital meter slow,not hack,only save

Video is for informational purposes only and is not a call to action. The author of the video is not responsible for the application in real life

how to stop digital electric meter reading
Wiring diagram at the end of the video. digital counter circuit . electrical counter stop. electrical meter control tips
How to save electricity ,at home,how to save money,digital meter slow,not hack,only save (In this video show How To Slow Your Electric Meter )
Electric Meter Hack- (Get Free Electricity without Magnet)
Free electricity without magnet(electric meter hack) electric bill saving Here is the way to save electricity bill with simple method

It uses wire to slow down the running of meter hence cutting the electricity cost results save bill

Electric meter hack is very Simple and can be done anytime to cut electricity bill and cost for saving your money

What are modern ways to stop the electronic meters and how they can be detected? NO !

How to Slow Down Energy Metre and Save Electricity bill Simple Step

Here is a simple method to temporarily stop or slow down the spinning rotor disk in a …

If you can find a way to remotely slow down the
meter electricity, then it’s also possible to “slow” your power … kilowatt-hour meter to induce eddy currents or to effect the retarding magnets …
Don’t Try This – it’s ILLEGAL.

Free electricity and Free energy. Stop meter(Stop Power Meter)
How to get Real Free Electricity
How to Make Free Energy(No Magnet)
How to lower your electric bill
Hacking Electrical Meters / electric meter hack
This method of stopping the counter, I call “KREOSAN”

Cheat the Electric Company Out of Power!
All counters can be stopped. Including electric meter, water meter and gas meter

Elecricity Meter Tempering
Electricity Meter Hacking
How To Hack Electric Meter Power theft

How to make free energy without generator – Easy Experiments at home
Electric meter reading & all information (including stop meter)

Остановка счетчика электричества. Как остановить счетчик (электроэнергии) В том числе обойти антимагнитную пломбу

free electricity (free energy)

спрете брояч
da zaustavi pulta
hogy ne a számláló
να σταματήσει ο μετρητής
כדי להפסיק את הדלפק
como detener el contador de luz
zatrzymać licznik
para parar a contagem (como parar un contador de )
durdurmak için sayaç
arreter compteur
zaustavi brojilo
stoppa räknaren genom att
How to Fishing At cambodia (Amazing fishing)
ब‌िजली चोरी का ऐसा हाईटेक तरीका, चकरा गई न‌िगम की टीम
How to Hack Electricity Meter And How it is Work Explained!!
Electric Meter Hack! How To Cut Your Electricity Bill (NO opening an electric meter (very interesting)

And Also NO “How to make EMP Jammer”
Cheat the Electric Company Out of Power!!!
Elecricity Meter Tempering Electricity Meter Hacking How To Hack Electric Meter Power theft

Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill

ज्यादा बिजली खर्च करने पर अब आएगा कम बिल।
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Noah Hauser says:

This is what’s known in the U.S. as meter tampering and if you are lucky/smart enough to not die while doing it you’ll get heavy fines and or arrested

Bob Berg says:

Shunting the meter of course will stop it counting. Got a feeling though that modern smart meters have shunt detection sensor with the severe legal consequences to the shunter…. And of course it all assumes that you have access to the meter terminals without breaking any seals …

Don Velli says:

Nice and great

Mon FRèrê says:


U A W U A W says:

Waw Super

foad reda says:


Neuza Onofrio says:

I know something better: gans

Dar AAQIB says:

hoow such a great work

Ryan Reyes says:

Is this legal?

Yassine Elmalha says:

Этот бар полезен Мне понравился больше успеха

Morad Hadi says:

Very good

Talby Seif Eddine says:

Good job

Maajid Zahoor says:

Help full nice one

Aasif Allayee says:


Cristian Sandoval says:

Do you know if this process works in Costa Rica? Thanks for the reply.. email me best regards!

Ghraidia Bilel says:


Kelly Dardeen says:

You are just Jumpering around the Meter, However You are Not Explaining Just How Dangerous This is. 1st is The Extremely High Risk of Electrocution by Simply Handling The Wire While Switching Off The Breaker, if there is a Load “IE” The Home and You Pull The Wire Loose While Grounded Your Going to Get Electrocuted 2nd That Breaker is There for Good Reason. Say Something Like a Clothe’s Dryer or AC Unit or Refrigerator Go’s Bad SHORTS OUT Which Will Draw Excessive Amps and There is No Breaker To Trip The Fault You Can Easily BURN Your House Down !!!!! This is NOT a Good Video to be Showing People I Know Electric Rates are High in Most Area’s and This Will Be Tempting to a Lot of People But I am WARNING You that This is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS !!!! I Know it Looks Easy and it is But Easy Can and Will Get You and Your Loved Ones KILLED !!!!!! PERIOD !!!!

Laid Bedani says:

It is good

Mounir London says:

Good job

Farouk Boudrahem says:

Very interesting, it’s good

Aadi Rock says:

Thanks to the author of the video. It helped me!

Hakou titou Nouri says:

Good job

kalu Aheer says:


Star Life Celebrities says:

Does it really work in the United Kingdom ???

azdin nimro says:

Good job

dessa ras says:

what the fuck your gov gives you free electricity…Come to pH see Our meter if you can tinker it hahaha. i dont think so…….. lucky your meters are easy to tinker with

Don Velli says:

Wow this is so nice and great

Messeouak Azeddine says:


Mehammed Badi says:

This so-called creative well done


Есть метод остановки с комнаты,если счетчик на столбе?

Maajid Zahoor says:

Nicely done

Nasir Zed Khan says:

This type of mechanical meter in our India simple electrician can stop. what about Digital Meter ??

Troy Crain says:

In the U.S. they now have smart meters that alerts the power company that you have no power thus a repair person is dispatched…. Good way to go to jail!!!

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