Free Energy 100% , How make solar cell from CD flat

Free Energy 100% , How make solar cell from CD flat

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Ashok Kumar says:

excellent job

ronaldo romanov says:

is this 900miles volts nothing for nothing….is like tronsformer gold in shit..

Tech brothers2 says:

Good bro you are making 100% fake video!! madarchod!

JejiDudez says:

HI guys just check it here :
New Home Solar Enegy System

haroon nasrullah says:


digambar gunjkar says:

zener didoes detalis aboot

Rajendro Bera says:

Janardoid kato nambar

Indu Patel says:

lol daffar

Devansh Verma says:

what are you use to joint the copper
red Color thing

Amanat Kang says:

Real video pa na yrr

Prafull Patil says:


Ron TheFlash Smith says:

OMG! Did you know that making right-angle bends in the wire shorts out some of the electricity? If you were to make all of the bends gradual, your output voltage will be up to 1,500 volts!

ColdFlameLive says:

For those bashing this video, and saying its fake. It isnt, when a semiconductor is exposed to light , it releases electrons, which is exactly what is done here with the CD. I will admit that this is not the most efficient way to make a solar panel. As a matter of fact, the one I made (Glueing this was a pain in the ass btw) only produced 0.25V or 250mV. I’m guessing that this video was more of a proof of concept and was designed to help people understand the VERY basics of solar cells.

Philofit2 says:

Brain dead time waster…

Kailash kumar says:


Manisha Patil says:

how many volteg Zoner diodes in use in plete

Mit Patel says:

what is the value of zener diodes


How much electricity it will generate if I put it under sun for 5min

Akhilesh Roshan says:

How many Amps should use

djonny sims says:

yea you meke look as if teh spoolis importan

juan velez says:

fuck you bich

Jak Dac says:

4,211,824 views Fake earning power

Vasya Yatsenko says:

I made it, learned on InpliX website. great solutions I think.

jamuna rajendran says:

interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about how to install solar power for home try Magonsi Solar System Expert ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy got great results with it.

genuine techie says:

Top 10 Solar Energy Powered Gadgets 2017

Ernesto Missael says:


Bushwacker Steve says:

You want real free energy eat lots of beans fart light a match there you go free energy

Samir Das says:


Shane Taylor says:


Ashfaq Tunio says:

He wastes most of the time gluing wire on the CD. And the thing doesn’t even work. Fake!

Nuquah Dounkpo says:

your video is very educative and i will try this at my home.

MegaScott says:

He made a zener diode radio, the antenna wire picks up radio waves and the diodes rectify it to a voltage, but no power. You could get more power from a potato battery. Totally fake BS.

Vaibhav Salve says:


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