Fire to Electricity Generator – DIY Life Hack

Simple generator that produce small amount of voltage that is produced from solar panel and for solar source we are using candle.So basicly from fire to solar than to electricity.coool


harjesh sharma says:

I am the 247th (honest)

fauxofologistic says:

everything is a life hack?

Creeper2savge Gaming says:

All he did was use a solar panel

Vojta Danda says:

Pls make a 3x3x3 led cube 🙂 (super video)

Techno Suraj says:

Use a peltier module

MOH DZ says:

u can charge ur phone by this experience ..and u can add a Thermo to gain more power …

Svetomir Vladimiroski says:

why would u use a candle just to light up an LED ?!! it makes no sense candle provides LIGHT just like an LED…….

Matej Hušek says:

Free energy. Its too hard to get. But never the less, using this can be useful. Let you make 3d printer with Arduino pls.

divas verma says:

Fire gives us light

Huherko says:

1 LED need about 20mA, phone charger its 200-250mA – You will need more than 10 this generators to charge up your phone.

Ñįšhăņť Śhäřmå says:

Very bad idea

Petas 13579 CZ says:

You lost lot of power

Aditya Deshpande says:

What is the use of led when we already have candle??
And solar panel can’t convert heat into electricity, it converts photons into electricity..
And if the panel is heated which will obviously happen due to candle flame, solar panel’s efficiency drops down significantly…
Tell any other efficient way to convert heat into electricity..try peilter plate once..

ZMO999 says:

You should use thermal energy not solar energy

Bálint Faragó says:

congrats,you made light…..from light LOL

BollardSpeaker 26 says:

I think hooking up a 5V step-up converter connected to the solar powered soo it can charge things like phones, etc.

Cheapboys says:

I think a simple candle would emit much more light then the led
Americans are idiot

Mechanicalogic man says:

It is the best idea he put a condle to light up led


NecaGaming says:


Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta says:

You should put a more powerful led because the candle is more lighter that this small led

UmrenTV says:

I don’t usually comment to stuff but its so fun to see all these “educated” smartass kids commenting “you made LIGHT out of LIGHT” or “you made light out of HEAT” are so ridiculous its even sad :/
The point with his project is to generate POWER out of candle when there is no power around.
I believe forward voltage to make White bright LED glow is around 3V or 3.3V.
Using simple stepper with couple components can get u up to 5V.
That is enough to generate some POWER for your phone maybe to give it a punch for SOS call or whatever if its off already.
I mean its just example… use ur imagination… if existent lol
Stop with the hate troll comments… they are not cool or modern since 2005 or earlier… srsly… open a book or two 😛

raj patel says:

can you use this to charge your phone

Mix Ael says:


Necois Idois says:

That is so amazing 🙂

B.G.A gamer says:

American Hacker is from macedonia

Mix Ael says:

Hello me and 1st

Junaid Khan says:

Fake ideas chennel

Circuit Ideas says:


Furkan Yurtseven says:


Voltonik Electronics says:



Build a bluetooth controlled rc car with arduino

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