DIY Van De Graaf Generator + 3 Static Electricity Experiments Kid Science Episode #23 STEM

In this episode of Jojo Science Show, we build a Van de Graaff generator and show how it works. We perform 3 experiments including making sparks (lightning, plasma), hair standing up and causing a compact fluorescent lightbulb to flash.

Kid science is easy fun and educational and promotes kids interest in STEM.

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These experiments are for education and entertainment purposes and are done under professional supervision. If you choose to repeat any of these experiments, it is at YOUR OWN RISK.

6 Static Electricity Experiments you can do at home with balloons

Star Wars static electricity:

Whale Sharks:

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The science of up:

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easy kid science experiment about photosynthesis:

kid science experiment-make your own electricity:

kid science experiment radiometer

Bottle rocket kid science experiment

Make rainbows!

Make an electromagnet:

Walk on Eggs:

Make electricity from ice:

The science of bubbles how bubbles work

Make a Magnetic ferrofluid:

Polymers Orbeez super absorbent polymers:

Plasma Ball


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