DIY Tiny Cabin Ep.3: Electricity and Creativity

We’ve been bouncing back and forth between our place in Smithville and an apartment in Austin. Switching between construction and earning a paycheck, for said construction, has consumed our past few months!

With the outhouse closer to completion we can begin to think about how we want to spiff it up. An old mirror proves to be a killer art piece, that helps to blend our structure with the natural surroundings. We’ve over built this outhouse, so why not decorate it, and give it some rain water catching capabilities! We are taking advantage of the higher rainfall totals in Smithville with some reclaimed gutters and a few new parts and pieces. A complete walk-through video is planned as we learned some lessons while building our catchment system.

We opted to tie into the electrical grid and gave Blue Bonnet Electric Co-op a call. They were able to replace our worn out 20 foot pole and meter loop with a brand new 30 foot pole, transformer and meter. We purchased our meter loop at the local lumber store (~$600), which means we paid the power company (~$60) to come install the new meter loop and connect us to their Co-op, thanks to that resident discount! We have future plans to have an off-grid solar array set up for our outdoor lighting and other misc. power needs. We’ll save that for a future video as well.

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~~Patrick & Sarah~~

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Jeff Katzer says:

On man I missed you guys. Nice artistic project on the broken mirror. Cheers!

mtb_rene says:

More cartwheels please!

BE MINDFUL of consurvation says:

Why not have solar

BE MINDFUL of consurvation says:

I’m going to really miss your touring videos…. really kinda sad for me, yet I’m definitely very happy for you

mtb_rene says:

More videos please!!

Bobthewrong'un says:

Good to see you back on YouTube looks like you’ve been busy! That’s one posh outhouse! Electricity poles used to be a bit of an environmental disaster pressure treated with creosote. Good to see still on your bikes too!

OD GREEN says:

Cool y’all are back, nice job so far on the place, I see you still have that sojourn. I still have my eye on it when you decide to sell it. God bless

eric boddeker says:

Good Job on the outhouse! I would go in there…

BE MINDFUL of consurvation says:

Kinda in a way a mourning

Kyle Crouch says:

My two favorite people!!!!

acs590 says:

hey, were are you guys? why don’t you make any more videos?

Ben Dixon says:

Thought you might have gone off grid.

Royce Vollmar says:

What happened? You still out there?

Gavin Roling says:

Come back to Bellevue IA

Mateo Diego says:

Good to see you guys. Mirrored outhouse is awesome. Nice tires on Patrick’s bike. Happy to see them in use. 🙂

OD GREEN says:

When are y’all going to reappear? Miss y’all videos
God bless

Freeman Reign says:

A——– Smart Meter @ 9:36 wow !! Your very own Spy Creature was just installed.

Robert Bonner says:

Great work on the outhouse, it looks amazing! How is the house / cabin coming along?

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