DIY Off Grid Self Sufficient Living Make Your Own Electricity – Pirate Lifestyle TV ™ Quickie 032 DIY Quickie for the all NEW Pirate Lifestyle TV Show. We lived for 11 months without power company electricity with our Off-Grid electrical system.

Solar power energy, off grid self sufficient living.

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Today’s quickie, with everyone getting slammed with winter weather, is about becoming energy self-sufficient.

What do I mean?

I have always been interested in alternative living and alternative power.

Aye, we be livin’ on a sailboat.

Why should you Go Off-Grid?

The reasons for going off-grid are as varied as the people who decide to do it. For some, the main motivation for going off-grid is environmental. For you it might mean keeping the lights on and the fridge running when the power goes out.

How do you Go Off-Grid?

Evaluate and calculate your electric needs. This is the first step in the process of installing renewable energy systems.

What are your choices?

Solar electricity, panels that convert sunlight into electricity. They work any time the sun is shining.

Wind electricity, wind turbines that convert wind into electricity. They work any time the wind is blowing.

A “Hybrid” system is a combination of solar and wind, because very often, the sun shines and the wind blows at different times of the day.

Batteries are very important because they store the electricity for times when your needs are greater than system can produce.

And of course, a stand-by electric generator makes a great part-time source of electricity.

We lived for 11 months without power company electricity with our Off-Grid electrical system.



Pioneer Lifestyle says:

@altSt0rm Thanks! I sincerely appreciate your support. Have a great week. Arrrrrrr. 🙂

David Santeford says:

where do you buy this device?

maxime pilon says:

You a useless source of information. You think we are all idiots or retarded? We want to know how , what to use , how to hook up, and so on. Real info captain jack ass

MetoniumTV says:

Constructive criticism, As a hobbyist I can tell you right now its really hard to watch a bunch of 3 minute and 4 minute vids. Much more educational if you were to atleast peak them at 20 and do a little more in depth talk about your ideas.

FsimulatorX says:

thats my dream

Luke Passalinqua says:

please stop talking like an ass

Pioneer Lifestyle says:

@Linqua2112 Ahoy Luke, thanks for taking the time to share your constructive criticism.

TheBarerOfBadNews says:

@PirateLifestyleTV I don’t mean to offend, a more common, natural delivery goes a long way, but common isnt necessarily normal, keep doing you

Tim Hanrahan says:

Cool vids but you need to be a touch smoother reading your cue cards…sorry, was once married to a TV anchor….

Paola Castillo says:

hiihi 1:28

AnnBearForFreedom says:

It might be worth realizing that not all your viwers are 6 years old.

PixieStixCreations says:

I haven’t checked in for a while, hows it going? Nice vid xoxoxo

Ms Visio says:

Can you please show how to set up the solar panels with batteries …. I want to set up a back up system

Neobux Ptc says:

I have spent months researching into survival and discovered a fantastic resource at Micaden survive system (check it out on google)

allen gabriel j says:

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crazylucifer0 says:

@PirateLifestyleTV dumb trolls good video talking like a school teacher is good. your teaching something thumbs up

Tyson Guenther says:

Interesting but it hurts to hear you talk

JennerPomo says:

Here you go I am working on a solar power start systeam to start a self powered genorator and it gos like this: you take 1 400 to 1 gear box and add a small electric motor that is powered by the sun and that truns it then get a power gen from a wind gen and stick it on the other in. I am look at a china 300kw but it mit be to heavy. If we can get it to run then we feed some power back to the small motor to keep it running 24/7 thanks.

bushdidit2u911 says:

@PirateLifestyleTV for sure!

La Beba says:

Lol lively introduction nice video

Pioneer Lifestyle says:

BarerOfBadNews, I have tried rapping but it doesn’t work for me. 🙂

Tony Tiger says:

Constructive criticism to follow thusly. Your rhythm in the usage of Hollywood Pirate Dialect, which is stereotypically a Scottish one, is a bit off sir. A drunken Scott (is there another kind lol) knows what it is he wants to say. So speak a bit more quickly and assertive and you won’t sound like whatever it is you’re sounding like now. When a drunken Scott can’t get the words out, that’s the right time to curse and ‘Aaaaargh’ lol.

Pioneer Lifestyle says:

@Mrcodgerneighborhood Aye! I have a hard time crawling up on the boat.

trtoy63 says:

ARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! Pushing the limits can be a good Pirate Thing To Do !!!! Lets See the Butts !!!!

jec5731 says:

The pirate lifestyle aarrrrrr. lol, this guy is abvously single and plays hand party with himself every night. arrrrr

Audra marie says:

i thought you were going to show us how to set up our own panel,maybe that should be your next video

Pioneer Lifestyle says:

BarerOfBadNews, thanks for coming back and posting a followup comment. Keep in mind this particular video was made a year and a half ago.

Pioneer Lifestyle says:

@PixieStixCreations Don’t be a stranger!! Other than it being too cold, it’s fine. Brrrrrrr.

PixieStixCreations says:

@PirateLifestyleTV Yeah this weather has been sucky and I have had a cold which is why no new vids, and…now I can’t find my camera. LoL

ElGatoLoco698 says:

I want to go off grid because I’m sick of our government and police pissing all over the American people. I don’t want to be a slave to this tyrannical regime.

sneeze water says:

charles manson!

Pioneer Lifestyle says:

@ZeddZar Aye, very true. Thanks!

QuartuvLarry says:

Ehhh…you’re lucky. You have an entire sailboat! All I have is a sea kayak, so I’ll have to be fairly close to land throughout (the upside is that this baby can shallow to within a foot of water! Hehe!)
Can you establish some sort of trade from your watercraft?

Pioneer Lifestyle says:

@trtoy63 Thank friend. Yeah, I like the original photos too. But YouTube is stricted with their guidelines and in my effort to be family-friendly I was pushing the boundary with that photo.

BentleyTBT4 says:

this video totally wasted my data

Gomez william c says:

I just have to say: Earth4energy blows the other guides out of the water! You have a really good product here.Catch the method here. ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM

FreedomStarGaming says:

im just gonna say quit with the pirate shit!

QuartuvLarry says:

@PirateLifestyleTV Really? What trade or business might you avail to a loner in a kayak?

TheBarerOfBadNews says:

This pirate must’ve been hit in the head the way he speaks

Pioneer Lifestyle says:

@entmage Aye, this video I played with the side-shot edit. Last video I played with the talkin’ parrot. I am practicing editing at your expense! Arrrrr.

Pioneer Lifestyle says:

@oshacueru All good points. Clearly, spending $15,000 for a solar system if your electric bill is $100 per month is not a choice a CPA would suggest. But life is more than a balance sheet. There is the quality you can’t put a price on. And if you adjust your needs, you can find a middle ground. A lot of it is about being self sufficient, and what happens when the power company doubles your electric rate and it becomes $200 per month?

raider2661 says:

The music made me think I was watching a Girls Gone Wild commercial

Pioneer Lifestyle says:

@QuartuvLarry Lots of full-time cruisers have some type of trade/career.

Tammy S. says:

I have been thinking about this for awhile.

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