DIY Micro Hydro System for my off-grid home

This is my water turbine (500W) that I build. I use this turbine to power a 230V AC – 24V DC Mean Well charger for my battery bank . I am still working on a dump load for the AC side of the turbine it can get to a 310V AC when the battery bank is fully charged, so i need some sort of dump load to keep it at 230V AC

Thank you for watching my Video . If you have any questions please feel free to ask , I am more than happy to help if i can .


SquillyMon says:

is that a South African accent I hear? i LOVE your setup… It would be great if I had land like you do with a running stream for power… how great is that?

The Hamilton's says:

yeah, people don’t know how to electric wire, so this is pointless

Azman says:

Soo cool awesome,you must have done very hard work to build it

Pretty Boy says:

wow great work. i just subscribed on u and this was the 1st video i watched. im wondering how did u learn all of this? are u an engineering major?

Casanovafff says:

is your battery bank from a forklift

Stop Renting Today says:

Hi there what is the size of the turbine ?

Nirmal Udayasuriyan says:

Please do the explanation away from your set up so we can actually hear what you are trying to say!

Kool set up though

Sorrowful Soul says:

good job, but i actually wondering a lot of these off grid videos why you use battery banks instead of putting your home loads direct as if it was a gasoline ac generator? 
thanks for the video and anyone who will answer. me great job and keep it up :).

Rob Creekmore says:

Your English is pretty damn good.

paysonmovieads says:

Do you have any more updates.Thanks

Theodore John Yangco says:

how much did it cost you? thanks

Jim J says:

Nice video thanks for posting.

Hijodelaisla says:


PhantomPanic says:

You speak better English than most Americans. lol

kineticdeath says:

if i lived on a property that had a constantly flowing stream i would totally invest the money to get my own small hydro setup done. It would be awesome free near limitless power, i’d put any excess back into the grid and make money off it

Josh A says:

Do you make enough power to run a mig welder? My wife and I are looking at a completely off the grid home, but I love to weld my projects. I am afraid that I would have to run a noisy generator to make my welder work. I would love to be able to run a hydro system with enough power to make my small 110v welder run.

dung17 says:

very cool home project. if a zombie apocalypse happens then you would be completely self-sufficient.

Johan Westervelt says:

Hi Phillip, hierdie is ongelooflik cool. Waar in SA is jy?

Shantel Bollmann says:

If you don’t know how to make it by yourself , just go to inplix website.

Jon Young says:

what was the total cost for it

Shanna Heckler says:

You can learn from inplix scripts how to make it yourself.

Peter Karig says:

You must lose a lot of power with the large distance between the generator and the house? Is there a way to transport electricity with minimal power loss? I have a stream on my property, but the generator would have to be at least 500 to 750 feet downhill from the house to get enough head. Great stuff you have here! I’d love to see what you’re doing in the future!

Hyperboreans. TV says:

Jis Phillip – baie cool sisteem hierdie. ek beplan ook om off-grid te gaan, wat is die kostes ongeveer op hierdie sisteem.

Tommy Walker says:

Very informative. Great job!

C H says:

Could you dump load to a hot water tank?

Ramūnas Gudauskas says:

Dont blame your english before the video because its fine.
My accent is pretty lame and yours is just great.

Karai Taukarai says:

What type of swing blade are you using. what type of turbine/impeller/propeller (whatever you call it) be best for this kind of venturi that you’ve built to get the maximum RPM? I’m kinda leading towards a helical 4 blade screw turbine, built to the angle of the Venturi you’ve custom welded almost from the exit of narrow exit choke to the bottom… Would very much appreciate your advice from experience…

Johnie Taylor says:

good vid tks man and a cool set up you have there, well done

Shanta Hsieh says:

I made it myself thanks to INPLIX website

Lloyd Dalton says:

You are 100% right. When you add a cone below the water wheel you will increase the amount of kiloWatts due to the added head. I have 2 hydro plants in my past.. Both generated 70 kiloWatts. I don’t have too much videos of hydros but I have a few you can take a look at on my page. Subscribe if you like. Thanks for a good video.

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