DIY Keychain Phone Charger – (runs without electricity)

I make for my self tiny 9v phone charger that i made out of usb car charger and its power up by alkaline 9v battery.
I put on my keyring so i will never forget and 9v batteries I can purchase almost everywhere.

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Chris Hong says:

I have make one but it do not charge the phone despite the indicator is lighted. Please help.

MARRt3k says:

great video bro

حمودعامرمجرشي حمودعامرمجرشي says:

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته مطلوب زوجة الرئيس ما كان في استقباله في هذا المنتدى مجاني

Shukri Sajani says:

how many percent batery you get from 9v batery…please someone tell me

iiBeastie says:

Any tips I only have a charger that gives out 3.4 amps will it still work?

alicia chu says:

what size is the heat shrink tube?

BLiTZ says:

This gguy doesn’t sound American…

sonali vyas says:


Brian Madula says:

on how many percent that have on 9v battery.?

Marpee John Bautista Sico says:

what if? if you connect the head of your charger into a volt battery connector? this will work?

Unknown says:

guys what was that grey thing he used to make to cables stick? was is just normal super glue or something special

HOW TO FURQAN Arsalan says:

it very useful

Steve Morfin says:

What’s the name of the car charger

vinod paul says:

it is useful

kenji pinlac says:

subbed bro nice vids 🙂

Shonith Raj says:

The power is fluctuating….. what should I do?? (The wiring is good, no loose connection)

عدي العزاوي says:

very good

Senpai Pels says:

Does it need to be made out of usb car charger? Does it not work on unused phone charger (adapter)?

DT Gaming says:

The mother board inside the charger the red wire that you cut the spring off I don’t have that it’s no inside if it it’s only the string

Makhosi Bayethe says:

That is so smart, I like it. Can you do one that can power a laptop

Philoix says:

Runs without electricity? I think someone needs to go back to english school.

LexR45 says:

You dont even sound american..

Иван 032 says:

Английския ти е като моя твърд,май си българче)).Или си някъде оттук-Балканите.

Gerald Dias says:

will this work with 18650 batteries?

Landyn kohler says:

USB ports put out 5 volts so ur slowly killing ur phone.


wow super!!!

Neoflash says:

None of these work. Literally none of them. This guy wasted $20 of mine trying to get these to work. He is obviously a troll, a massive idiot, or he’s using some kind of hardware that only he can own. His tutorials are shit, he relies on click bait and experiments of tutorials to get his trash to work, and he is an embarrassment to me and I am embarrassed for being dumb enough to get suckered into his BS tutorials. Don’t even bother. It’s a waste of time.

Maga The GBoss says:

crazy russian hacker is better

Sam says:

This is a very expensive way to charge your phone. You could pay a dollar per 9 volt battery, or just buy an eternal battery pack for $10.

AjiT SiNgh says:


jice desbles says:

think you for every video tutoriel . .it’s possible adapt the system with ,water flow or wind .tutoriel it’s my idea but i would like your idea .and not use battery or manually rotor servo .!! very sorry for my english .jicé from island tio france / FRANCE .

Damien Mosby says:

not america

The Masterpeaces says:

Or house hold hacker

Shiva G Bhardwaj says:

it’s very good video sir I liked

justin espinosa says:

a battery uses electricity moron. uneducated title

Layla Martinez says:

Hey how do you fuse the cords to their spots?

Jens Hendriks says:

I hate it that he is calling himself an american. he doesn’t even speak american any good.

Sunil Kumar says:

I tried ..all Tht above. .but my phone couldn’t get charge ..! so tired of doing it…so anyone wants to sell it..I m here to buy Tht .!! name ur price ..I ll think abt it..! I think I need almost 5-6 pieces…but first I ll buy one…and I ll do online payment… so plz…ping ASAP

SuperUser RooteDavid says:

Hey, you might not know english, but whatever. Your DIY gadgets are cool.
1+ Sub 😀

Manish Dawadi says:

we can use pendrive too

Raziq Kadri says:

This is awesome but can we make this using D Battery instead of 9V??

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