DIY Homemade Wind Turbine for $32!!!

Make your own wind turbine out of easy and cheap items. I found a motor and a windmill at a garage sale. This video will give you some ideas of how to put it all together.

Here is a similar windmill:

Heres an inexpensive charge controller that will charge a battery:

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Jules Andrew Damasco says:

Can i ask?

What is the Brand of the motor sir?what is the full description of the motor?

Wayne Beebe says:

What kind of voltage are you producing with it?

IllustratedMotion says:

Didn’t it turn the wrong direction when the wind ” actually ” blew it?

offplanetevent says:

Well, it seems like you are retired and bored at 40 just like the rest of us. Hopefully, this build was just a dry run for a better build because it sucked!
Yep, Im building one, a full farm sized one and yes, Im going to post the video when Im done.
BTW I just sold some income properties (So Cal) at top dollar and I will be buying more properties at least half of their current prices, after the 2018/2019 market crash.
Yep, all the signs are there just like in 2008.

bluemona says:

yeah but with such small blades there will be no POWER , watts, amps, as soon as you put a load on it like charging a battery the blades will stop dead from the electric magnetic force in the motor, you would need some seriously bigger diameter wind mill fan

Andrew Enriquez says:

Retired military I’m assuming? Not many other career paths where you can retire at 40 haha

luderick wong says:

A chinesium wind mill and a wine cork…..? A dangerous equation, very likely it will not last long. Will see after a storm.

mw10259 says:


Bumble Bee says:

There was a couple who had one, were told it is Illegal, Theew the husband in Jail/ Prison!!!!!
The Wife Now out there ALONE !!!!

Search YouTube

JAMES! Since the 70's says:

Some can output ac voltage.

Tiberius Stanescu says:

Great video, and well thought out. I would also like to build something similar. How much power can you produce? When the motor goes in the opposite direction, can you still harvest that energy? Or is it not common?

Mark Cast says:

You are using a cork for a bushing??  really??  I noticed you are not showing it run too long… Hack work.

CrankyBubushka says:

What an awesome idea. How is it working?

Bahama Boi says:

Awesome video two thumbs up!
F@$% all negative comments….
Retired at 40.
Bey look here please do a update on this video please.
What you’re using it on or for?

Tamara Elliott says:

Thank you very much the infomation.

hurstbill says:

“Success” my arse..the fins on the blade would be making you motor turn the wrong way..full of shit mate..Successfully tried to bullshit everyone..even the end of the video….if you pause the can tell he’s spun it by hand..

Tamara Elliott says:

We need to see how you connected everything up for collecting and utilizing the electricity generated.

eulalao martinez says:

Nice .

Lewd Dawg says:

Explaining how the spinning direction of the motor affected whether it charged or drew power was helpful, thankyou.

mw10259 says:


mshiva reddy says:

Want is name of the motor

Gary McSpadden tech says:

The easiest way to tell if the motor is permanent magnet is too short the leads together and the shaft will get hard to turn. Also what is the voltage rating of the motor? I have a feeling, that if you hook that to a battery, you’re going to wind up with a fan instead of a generator.

Ben Knefelkamp says:

Clearly lying about prices paid for motor and windmill, no subscription here. What’s the point?

FATWONG 36 says:

Retarded at 40.

Foux says:

Could have used JB Weld instead of that cork and got a better result.

aaron billiot says:

And what about when the mill turns the opposite way and pulls negative

Ron says:

I’m kinda wondering why, when you say, “success” at the end, the windmill is turning BACKWARD and slowing down. It kinda seems like you spun by hand. I’m wondering if maybe it wasn’t quite the success you thought it would be? Maybe you did make it work. I would be very happy for you if it did. Your current video leaves doubt in my mind. I’m just saying.

jack fenn says:

“REAL TORQUEEE”. Listen, great video, but speed up the un-important parts, (see other videos). Kyle got it right, GET ON WITH IT! We would like to see what this voltage would actually do, and how much it would pay on a realistic basis. Nice job showing how important torque is in wind generators!

Tracy Owens says:

Where can I find a handeeman to help me do things like this? Lol

Dewi Jones says:


Naomi Byrum says:

Thank u I have wanted one for years good idea

Robert Staff says:

So I just have to find an estate sale selling a turbine and im off to the races! Off the grid here i come.

Yusuf Şahan says:

What did we watch? Just bullshit worst even my english!

Guido Villarroel says:

Wtf?¡ intensity test?¡

Anthony Verloop says:

So, what’s your point. Making money with YouTube videos or trying to really make a wind turbine? If it’s 1, you suceeeded, if it’s 2, you miserably failed….

Kyle Theisen says:

What was a great video, ended so horribly. Don’t make us sit through almost 7 minutes of good explanation, only to give us 2 seconds of “success”. Give results!

Ben says:

Why not change the generator to a vertical mount instead of horizontal? ( That way you don’t have to worry about the wiring getting twisted since the generator will be fixed and not turn) Use the hole where the weathervane hooks to the tower for the generator shaft to come through. You need to use a solid metal bushing to fit the blades to the generator. If the windmill blades don’t grab enough wind you might have to build a new blade set up or maybe you could use a small squirrel cage out of a car or small furnace.

Karla Cyber says:

very nice video but next time you should elaborate further to the finishing end again nice video

Retired at 40- Live.Life.Simple. says:

Just tested this at 26 volts with a pretty good wind.


You never told us what you hooked it up to? Thanks for the vid anyway you fed me thanks.

Adrian Cubas says:

I made a version of it

Black Swan says:

Nicely put together
How about some tech specs on the motor so we can order it from a shop ? (Not all of us live where you can order an “Amtek” motor???)

Mercedes W124 W126 tech and more says:

And how you did for the cable that run down the tower? when the windmill turn this will mess you your cable by twisting it

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