DIY Free Energy Converter at Home

Today I will show you how to convert thermal energy into electrical energy using Thermoelectric Peltier module.It is not a free energy generator (Practically free energy generator does not exists) , its a energy converting Technique .

Peltier –

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MajavaProd says:

Sadly energy is not free

Gubbala srinath says:

Its amazing…
We like your all experiments

Rinki Yadav says:

From where can i get heat sink

mohammed aayan says:

Nise not bad

Vinoth Vinoth says:

I try this video afftre commend this

Harsha vardhan says:

Where did you buy heat sink

Neeraj Kumar raj says:

neeraj kumar raj

Poke Words says:

super fantastic

Kuldeep Rav says:


Mukesh Kanna says:

Sama mass

Tech2Spo t says:

Thanks Debasish da You helped me a lot for my school exhibition thank you.
Keep on making awesome diy videos.

Sai Pranav says:

Why u take a cold water and hot water and why u don’t take a cold water on both sides

Ankith Ankith says:

Please explain me how it work

Mattson McCraw says:

Right now I am making a mini fridge with a peltier module, any tips on how to disperse the heat better? I already have a large heatsink

charly77ish says:

Is it okay to be dancing to this while I’m being edumacted?

S.A Channel /shan says:

Thanks bro for making videos it helped in my science fair.Thank you bro.what is your name bro

Ankith Ankith says:

what is that glue you used to paste heat sink

Aravind Srinivas says:

I hate free energy. Free energy does not exists OK. Its a energy generator for short period of time.

Steve Henderson says:

could this stronger things?

ScellyCraft YT says:

As explained in another of my comments, *FREE ENERGY DOES NOT EXIST.* According to the first law of thermodynamics, energy cannot be created or destroyed. Plus, you have to pay for water, heating resources to heat the water and equipment. All it does is it converts the thermal energy differential from the water into electrical energy via the peltier tile. So as I said, *FREE ENERGY IS BULL $H!T*

tech products says:


Satish Kawane says:


Marlon Clavijo says:


Nandkishore Soni says:

It’s a peltier effect .. TEC 12706 circuit search on Google .. it’s not free energy source.

Shubham Maske says:

Thats not free energy brother
You are converting thermal energy into electricity using seeback effect

Som Tips says:

automatic box open kaise banaya?

Sourav Sharna says:

Good idea


Plz sub to me and im sub to you

e/Ery thingsss says:

nice yrrrr

Kishore Shinobi says:

awesome, well please explain about cold water and hot water.

Abhigyan Sharma says:

Explain the science behind this

100 Abos ohne Video challange/Der Wissenschaftler says:

Seebeck effect.

Jayden Brumous says:

I made it with Avasva handbooks !

prince mahim says:



Good job

Belia Krouse says:

Go to Avasva page if you want to learn how to build it yourself

TB gamer 22 says:

Free enegy exists how can you say that it doesn’t exist I tried many experiments and it works

Rams Tech says:

Excellent sir

clorox bleach says:

do you have brain demage? this isn`t free energy

ᴛᴇᴄʜʏ sᴀᴍ says:


Creative Hacker Guy says:


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