DIY Electric Motors as Generators.

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In these demonstrations I use a stepper motor as a two phases alternator (AC) and some DC motors that act as a dynamo (DC), I convert potential energy of a weight into electrical energy rotating a DC motor with a

thread. Also, we can see a hand crank flashlight that is also a radio receiver. This gadget also stores electricity into a NiMH battery.



+mopatin I would like to ask a question sir..what volts of the led bulb used on dc motor found in toy car that is quite small…?? please reply ASAP thank you

Londl Okra says:

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Leunam599 says:

How much energy can they generate?

mopatin says:

Thank you too!

brooka ape says:


Hybrid Nation says:

Just go here and enjoy high tech and thank you for your video—

tanzi C.Hyolmo says:

power generated from dc motor you used in video be stored for later use.. if we use more than 300 or more dc motor

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Karyl Debolt says:

Hi. If you want to build it yourself just google for ‘inplix’ . I know you’ll find good solutions for your idea.

Pentagon1337 says:

After some searching around, I found this motor for a fairly cheap price. Do you think it would suffice to charge a 12v battery? The website is in dutch, but the specs of the motor are easy to locate. I’d love to hear your input on the matter.

sajeev nv says:

sajeev-super man super

sukri takwin says:


RODALCO2007 says:

Excellent video.

Faisal Mahar says:


martinshoosterman says:

great video, im making a generator and i wanted to know if this could work instead of coiling copper wire. but i just have 2 questions:
will a bigger motor generate more electricity?
and will that be enough to power a smaller motor? 

carlos antonio mendonça says:


Soham Jha says:

Good video

Akshay Guptta says:

If i use a mini motor will it produce enough electricity to light a small led bulb???

Anthony K says:

do you think 2 small DC motor like you had at 1 min in would be able to charge a phone?

AT TECH says:


mopatin says:

Thank you, too!

Electrician Dallas Tx says:

Thanks for the suggestions you have provided here.

Malc Tulloch says:

Great video, I’ve always wondered what was inside one of those wind-up torches, thank you.

Silver Colio Reyes says:

.muy bueno

uday kreem says:


claydee alb says:

If I have e bigger motor like a washing machine motor , can I convert it to a generator?

Meki Boo says:

Will a 10 volt dc motor work?

waleed khalid says:


Dan OConnor says:

much better demo if you attach a drill to turn it

Dwayne Wladyka says:

+mopatin I am curious. Can you make a generator with a wind up mechanism which winds up like a clock? It would turn a small permanent magnet motor and make dc current. Great video!

mopatin says:

Thank you!

Bonny Crucified says:

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ابن العراق ابن العراق says:


Dakota Carney says:

what if i use a dvd player motor for the disc? would it work?

texjarhead says:

Why a battery and not a good capacitor? 

Alan Hang says:

Hi mopatin, I am doing a science project for my school and I was wondering how you convert a motor into a generator. Or do you use just the original motor to generate electricity. Please reply ASAP.

jesus rodriguez says:

yo fabrike uno con motor de pasos y mantiene la corriente  encendiendo leds RGB solo moviendo el engrane …..puedes verlo en este enlace….el tuyo es interesate xk la gente como tu  sigue descubriendo cosas cada dia……. felicidades

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