DIY Dirty electricity filter


Swen Masterson says:

Hi, theoretically speaking, would this be plugged in the same power strip before lets say hi-fi system that you wanted to eliminate a ground loop hum from? Lets say I was located in Europe, would I be using a 20uF capacitor even for a 220V outlet? Thanks!

Mario Greco says:

Is it possible to make a filter and be an adapter as well?  If so, can you make a video of this?

Griffin Wojtowicz says:

ok, so how do you know what frequency that you are filtering?

Igor Lychakov says:

Stetzerizer Filter does protect electrical circuits from power surge only. You can buy similar “filters” just for $5 on ebay or aliexpress that is much less that assembling yourself.

I purchased this to compare with Stetzerizer Filter.
Stetzerizer Filter’s capacitor is 20uF vs aliexpress’s 5uF. You can find filter with 20uF on aliexpress.

DJs Tuffmods says:

I see you have the Stetzerizer  microsurge meter.. Do you know what is inside the “Stetzerizer Filter”, and/or Is your filter based off of there’s? Reason being, i want to know if this is as, or, more effective that the “Stetzerizer Filter” I built 2 of these filters yesterday. The only difference was i used a 22uf cap that i removed from an old LCD TV power supply. They worked very well, however, my readings are still about 900-1000 GS units. 

Yf Fong says:

but current(ampere) increases…..

Mario Greco says:

Is the filter you had made is the same components that is in the Stetzer Filter?

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