DIY CRYSTAL Electricity Experiment – PIEZO-ELECTRIC Effect ✔️

This is my first test of the Piezo-Electric Effect. You can do this test yourself.

Hutchison Effect 1/2

Hutchison Effect 2/2


Bobbing Bob says:

Really confusing and weird…

del keeps says:

I have went to car repair shops and asked about if taking off dioeds from car alt and putting 9v battery to run stater to make a lot of power and you want to know what I was told? I was told as long as you put enough power to alt. it will put out what it was made to put out so that right there says if you have a alt, made to put out 90amps=110v no matter 3v 6v 9v 12v as long as it runs the alt it puts out what made to

Annie says:

Hi, it will be interesting to know what you find out about these things. This video that I am linking to is not about making electricity, it is about storing it. It just gives you an idea about what you need to know about the basics of things in order to come up with smart ideas. These batteries might never be produced for everyone to buy, but the thought process behind what they are doing is interesting – to me at least.
Don Sadoway | Innovation in Stationary Electricity Storage: The Liquid Metal Battery
Tesla, magnets and copperwire are interesting too.
‘Info Yourself’ is a channel where they make all these small motor-generators that apparently keep on producing electricity on their own. They sometimes use capacitors to do this. To explain it very roughly, I think you can say that a capacitor is like a rechargeable battery.
Info Yourself’s channel

Amos Richardson says:

Ok, chief, as an Electronic Technician for over 42 years, here’s what I can tell you.
Maybe it helps maybe not.
With Quartz Crystals, if you send electrical current to the Quartz it will make it vibrant at certain frequencies.

If you vibrate the Quartz Crystals (with wire surrounding it), it will produce electricity.

I don’t know how old you are but back in the day if you wanted your CB Radio to get more channels you would put a different Quartz Crystal in it.
I hope that helps you some.
Just read this a time or two and hopefully you’ll understand what I’m telling you.

Power to the Crystal, it vibrates.

Shock (as in impact) causes the crystal to produce electricity.

Good luck!

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