DIY | Build a Simple Electric Motor! – Science Experiment – Neodymium Magnet + Electricity = Motor!

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Learn how to build a simple electric motor using only an AA battery, a neodymium magnet, a screw, and a piece of wire. This can be built in only a few seconds, and with the addition of 2 LEDs we show how to add lights to the spinning motor. Learn how the magnetic field and the electric current work together to cause the motor to spin!

This experiment in magnet physics is easy to do, and will allow anyone to explore the physics of magnets and magnetic fields!


jb121993 says:

Fantastic presentation of a simple motor.  I’ve gotta get me those parts to toy with.  This whole thing intrigues me to no end!

Marnie Patterson says:

thx for the 17 minute video u weener

Pranjal Maheshwari says:

fAke ITSs

Nebojsa Jeremic says:

I have done the thing you showed in this video, but it won`t rotate when I put the wire on the magnet but it will if I put the wire on the SCREW!!!

Jesse G says:

this is really cool

ramya rao says:

hey do you have a video on working of an electric motor?

Ray Rowley says:

could I put a wheel on this and turn it sidewise to power a homemade electric matchbox car?

Shaka when the walls fell says:

All these videos about building a simple electric motor and nobody explains what type of wire they are using. Asinine

Kenneth Bhasme says:

It works really good and spins fast, I tried every other magnet but it does not work, use only neodymium magnet and only a metal screw and any wire will do and IT WORKED!

Cody Hannan says:

I don’t think I’ve commented on a video for my 8+ years as a youtuber, amazing explanation.

Ethan S. says:

Didn’t work

leafy is a racist says:

what type of wire is that called?

ed martin says:


Iamgodof Humancollective says:

I did this, it works, however I did use two batteries, and it’s all about solid connection, but it worked very well.

ETsonggalaxy says:

very well  explained.  I  ve  seen so many POOR videos.  This one  I  gave an  A +  caz this guy  walks  us  thru every detail!  And  most of  all  SAFETY  comes first!!  Good job!  Excellent  upload.  I  ve seen  people  talk too much  but  NEVER get to the  main  points!!  Love this video!

Kenneth Bhasme says:

well, if you have everything you need it takes 10 min to adjust it correctly.

Norberto Mendoza says:

Awesome man, not even an engineer major but i was curious to learn the mechanics of a basic motor and you taught me it in 17 minutes, appreciate it.

Zubair Hasan says:

It’s really like it.And it worked for me.

Zoro Zornes says:

Mine is faster  when I reconfublyate the energymotron before I polarize the dingle arm that has to use sinusoidal repleneration  that is only and I repeat , only after the arm has enough flux in it’s energymotron to reconfublyate the dingle arm ,  Warning , not adhearing to these instructions will cause your dingle arm to drop off if you don’t use a baseplate of preframulated amulyte. 

seyram mortoti says:

you said the current flows through the magnet and back to the battery making it move the can the electric current run out or will it continue forever

Hassan Pirzada says:

Explained well.

punit gupta says:

ts awesome……….

India Williams says:

what type of magnet is that called

misty hart says:


J. Boyle says:

Hey, i did one of those, i guess my idea was not that original. Hahaha

Maka Albarn says:

Will this burn though metal?

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