DIY Basic Residential Electricity 1

Great information that will help you understand residential wiring and how to troubleshoot problems.


Marty Forkwater says:

i can beat paul in arm wrasslin

michael mackenzie says:

just wanted to say i love your videos.. you are extremely thorough and to the detail on everything. thank you


Go work for Habitat for Humanity. Each time, work with a different sub contractor (plumbing, electrical, framing, concrete, roofing) so you can learn HOW houses are built and how to repair common household problems.

tchevrier says:

If you have metal boxes, the ground wire must also be connected to the grounding screw in the box. And some jurisdictions don’t allow those multi terminal connectors even though you can buy them at any store.


OMG, so helpful. I have changed outlets and didn’t know this. Great job!

Randy Tucker says:

Paul, I really need this series. Thanks so much for embarking on this journey. I’m hoping you will explain what I’ll need to do to stop tripping circuit breakers in my garage/shop. Is it the rating of the main panel that determines how many pieces of equipment that I can run at the same time? Do I need separate circuits (i.e., breakers) for each machine? Should shop lighting be separate from the receptacles? Looking forward to more in this series!

Immortan Jon says:

i have the same 15 in 1 screwdriver, its the best

Twentyone twos says:

Brilliant video. As usual, Thank you.

Laura Ward says:

I enjoy your videos, Paul. I recommend getting the receptacle tester with the GFCI test button so the homeowner can ensure the GFCI receptacles work properly for safety in the home.

baddspella says:

i cant belive how alien American electrical regulations are compared to Australia.

Hammock Dave says:

I think this will be a great series Paul, continued greatness

jwriggan says:

I love how you make it look so easy

Okielife says:

Good starter video

wayne brown says:

Good info Paul. Waiting for the rest of the vids! Thanks

Garnett Henderson Sr. says:

Thanks Paul ,I’m renovating my house and electricity is what I know the least.

ddemaree07 says:

I like the megapro’s, but Klein makes a version too and that’s what I use. Just can’t get away from that comfort grip … I do wish they were still domestic though.

Mark Lam says:

a fireman gets a first class ticket to the heaven.and God gives you another coupon for your teaching.some body use your methods to repair the kingdom in heaven.

joe72205 says:

You need to inform viewers if you’ve received payment or free products in exchange for your endorsement of e.g. “MegaPro”. Otherwise you’re breaking federal trade laws!

overall999 says:

Great video! I love that you stress the safety. These things can be insanely dangerous.

Tehuti Ausar Ra says:

You should put your website all of your descriptions for your videos

Bobby A says:

Great vid. Thanks.

jlittleb says:

You have the BEST video’s. Thanks for what you do.

dannyny says:

very informative video. when working with electricity, I always worry about death but learning bits and pieces from you here would definitely help in case I do have to troubleshoot problems for my home. will check out the rest of your videos regarding electricity in the up coming weeks. liked and subscribed!

Jeffrey Reardon says:

Excellent info, sir.
glad I don’t mess with wiring.
sparkies are a bread of their own

Brian Burke says:

I use the power driver and hand screwdriver the same way you do. I’m always surprised when I see an electrician only use a manual screwdriver. Some of those threads are so fine and take forever by hand.

sourc3canna says:

awesome paul

SupaFly1005 says:

Black to brass or you fry your ass. The only way I have ever been able to remember where to screw in the black wire.

Mark N says:

As an electric guy I would say great video. The only thing I would add is when using the widow maker, “the test light at 3:10”, is test it first on a live circuit to ensure it’s working properly. That is true of any meter though.

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