DIY anti static electricity stick

This is DIY anti static electricity stick
Materials : Two 10 Mega ohm resistors, screws, thick straw(or Ball point pen body). Neon lamp is optional.
Escape from electrostatic shock at low cost.


Rudzani Raedani says:

Cool stuff

Jay H says:

If you soldered resistors onto doorknobs, would it consume the static electricity? Could you also just keep that device you made, in your pocket and it would consume the static buildup on you?

22Brat22 says:

How many OHM resistor did you use?

cybersoil100 says:

Thanks for the video, Thomas. I’m always putting plastic wrap in the trash and it’s always sticking to other plastic wrap. Can I use more than 2 (10 Mega Ohm) resistors? Also, what is that thing holding the little ball jumping around and do we need it? How do you make that? Thanks, I’m thinking your little invention will solve my problem. I will be looking forward to your reply.

SweetandSassy ;-D says:

What is the tube with the ball in it? I am going to try this, I always get an electric shock when getting in and out of my vehicle, opening my garage and even at the grocery store pushing the carts. I am very sensitive to the shock!

Gregory Weis says:

Thomas, thank you for your fascinating videos. I made one of these anti-static electricity sticks to remove static electricity from my lp records, but the stick does not work. Did I use the wrong kind of resistor?: 10 MEG Ohm 1/4W 5% AXIAL CARBON FILM RESISTORS CR25-10M-J RFE 10 MOhm

Mateus Machado says:

Thanks for sharing this!

zoomy500 says:


Mark Lawrence says:

Could you be a bit more specific on the resistors?  I searched on ebay and found “10 Meg Ohm Bleed Resistors for Tesla Coil Capacitors” and I also found “10 meg ohm 2 watt Carbon Composition Resistor”  There are references to .5 watt and .25 watt as well.  Any recommendations?  Do you sell these units pre-assembled?

ninguno says:

Hi, Tomas Good Job. What is the little crazy ball in the plastic tube? Regards

Marc Zinnoegger says:

How would I wire this with an LED in it to act as an indicator?

Gor O says:


JoeKwonxD says:

Nice! This is going to be really nice to have since it’s becoming winter!

unsp0k3nst0ry says:

Hahaha, just remember something..that my sister get whoaa, WTF with this door knob. Where is it really came from ? (the static electric on my sister’s door knob) ?

Al Revés says:

Hi, long time viewer, first time commenter.
Could you make a suit with these in, and obsorb the shock of a tazer gun?

Daniel Daniel says:

Hi Thomas! Can you please respond and tell me if I can make the same thing but with more rezistors that have less rezistance? I went to the store but they didn’t have 10Mohm.

Lechoslowianin says:

Twój dom jest pełen pozytywnej energii.

Loco Llama says:

I guess its less painful as discharging with your finger.

candido gonzalez says:

What kind of wire were you using?

BeastX KingV says:

I need this I’m scared of statics

MrSlehofer says:

Exelent invention!

Rayaan Sattar says:

can we use any resistor

TheAdminFromHell says:

I need that for my penis..

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