DIY Aerator/Air filter for aquarium-fish tank. 0% electricity

Home made( Aerator) Oxygen system for aquarium.

no more energy source and electricity bill

100% free energy


James King says:

but you have to change the bottles

Mike l says:

1:04 LOL ‘push air’? how? stuck into to your butt and fart?

James King says:


Iwan kurniawan says:

no continue

Shantelle Adeline says:

The best instruction is on InpliX website.

Grunge Pony says:

That’s coolBut pretty much useless imo

Hye Won Shin says:

Is it effective to use for a fish that cannot breathe in direct oxygen?

Minh Nguyen says:

Can you help me how to push air

bharath chary says:

Is it really work,
Make another video slowly explaining how it works

Dustin Pesl says:

i cant see what is connected

marco manahan says:

Doesn’t need electricity but manual labor

ruksana begum says:

I Am not getting bubbles can u plz help and send the diagram

Keiton Beal says:

would you sit there all day bumping


i will make that because im not oxygen my pond thank you you make the use no electric thank you 🙂

laurence carl puerin says:

i like it but now i have a top filter i do’nt want that any more

djamel mohamed says:

How can basin ornamental fish making the shape of a triangle in the house?

Chiang Jing Kang says:

lol, just about 1min and the air stop transfer.

Adil Basheer says:

can u make it slow……idiot

RKS says:

@crazyjunkcreations does this work as a filter?

Kaleeswarans Waransaran says:


Earl Paradiang says:

How come it doesn’t work? need help please

alberto komencero says:

work ? this


hey is this affective for kois

bk karki says:

its easy but not effective the air empties fast even to the atmost 1-2 hrs

Geoff Lopez says:

your not making oxygen dude your transfering water !!!!

dimitri dimi says:

it worked for me!!!!

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