Converting a Light Switch to a Switch/Outlet Combo : DIY Electrical Work

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Converting a light switch to a switch/outlet is something that can be especially useful next to a doorway. Convert a light switch to a switch/outlet with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip.

Expert: Joshua Clement
Filmmaker: Nathanael Rittichier

Series Description: You always want to be as careful as possible when performing electrical repairs in your home. Find out about electrical repairs you can do on your own with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video series.


Don C says:

Maybe this video should be taken down. If you hook it up like Josh here says, power just gets run in through the black screws and through the outlet and switch to the neutral wires. Making the switch useless.

The correct way if you want to hook this up to have the switch to control the outlet, is to run black into the brass screw, ground to green screw and white to sliver screw. The black screws are just a bridge terminal that jumps power between the switch and outlet. Hooked up this way, the switch will control the outlet.

Look for a video by HomeAdditionPlus “Wiring Switch Outlet Combo Circuit Video,” that will tell you how to do it, same as I have laid out above.

John Teel says:

Should you turn off the electricity First?

Jermain Jones says:

my house is old, anytime i remove an outlet or old light switch to replace with a new one, the wires aren’t conveniently color coated.  i just have a rats nest of all white wires and i have no idea which is hot, neutral or ground.  it would make my life a lot easier if it was this easy

Scott Elder says:

That’s great and all…but what if I DON”T want the switch to power off the outlet? How do I wire it then????

Michael Davis says:

He never mentioned turning off the power and informing others (lock out/tag out) so they don’t inadvertently go to fusebox and turn it back on (if you want to know how many dead people because of this google it), and yet this is a dangerous video and that guy shouldn’t be teaching.

Michael Dunn says:

Please take this down. No electrical video should mention “step 1 turn off the power” AFTER the video. I know people who try to work alongside videos in real time and would literally get hurt.

David G Stern says:

The video seemed very clear. Howerver, it is a MAJOR MISTAKE to not tell people before they begin any electrical work to make sure the circuit is switched OFF and that they have plenty of other light to do the project.  Otherwise, very fine effrort.

dean bornman says:

first thing you do is switch off the power, then you test to make sure its OFF then you open switches

Jaymey Johnson says:

It makes more sense to tell people to shut off the power to the switch at the beginning of the video instead of at the end.

Hercules Sakatos says:

Maybe explain which color is neutral and so forth,absolutely useless video

Hisyam Hanafi says:
Guy inSJ says:

Oh man….you have connected WRONG. You may burn down the house. The black wire positions are: one on the side and one on the top – same side (where you connected the white wire) so you can use them for switching (ON & OFF)….The WHITE wires are the NEUTRAL wires should be connected to one side of the outlet and the other side of the outlet is connected to the BLACK wire. The bare copper WIRE is GND and it was connect correctly in the video.

Baljinder Singh says:

I never knew switch / outlet existed. you saved me so much time. thanks

Runfridr Vilhjalmusdottir says:


Shantel Fullerton says:

You should take instructions from inplix website if you want to learn how to make it easily.

Chris Brideaux says:

I only have 1 black and 1 white wire.  My switch operates a light above my sink with the load line going into that box.  Do I just add a couple extra wires and nut them together to make the wires I need?

Sabel Guifarro says:

Nice, Simple guide! An advice though… It would be recommendable to put some duct tape around it all, as it was in the beggining of the video. Some of the switch boxes are made of metal and it could short out if one of the sides rests near or a wire comes loose.

graybar2006 says:

What wiring connections do you make if you want the outlet to always be hot and not controlled by the switch?

Katrina Robinson says:

Love that tattoo ring! Thanks for this helpful video. 🙂

Jeanne Hicks says:

I want to use an outlet for a light fixture and connect it to existing wall switch so that light over sink turns on when you turn on overhead light with switch.  I also want to add a wall outlet on wall about 2 feet from where that wall outlet is currently located.  Should I move the wall outlet first and then just add a line for the light fixture?

yoheff988 says:

Never saw such an irresponsible explanation (we are dealing with electricity MORON), two thumbs down…shame on you!

dansosamontejo says:


Candice Joergan says:

R.I.P. To all those who didn’t watch the last part of the video first. You know. The part where he tells you to make sure to turn the power off before working on the outlet. This guy doesn’t impress me as being very bright.

Shanta Hsieh says:

If you want to make it too just use InpliX handbooks.

J Morin says:

Glad you told everyone at the END of the video to TURN THE POWER OFF BEFORE DOING ANY WORK. I’d use a tester to double check for power, just to make sure. DUH.

Throttle Junki3 says:

but what if I want to have the outlet to always stay powered and the switch to separately control my lights

dolofonos says:

This terrible video doesn’t mention that if you’re doing this in a garage and are storing gasoline that you shouldn’t smoke a cigarette. Also, should you get hungry for piece of toast during this tedious project, it forgets to tell us not to fish out any stuck toast with a butter knife. And remember, if you’re watching this video on your laptop, please be sure it’s unplugged and running from battery power if you enjoy doing your internet browsing in the bathtub.

Blanket Jackson says:

Wrong, bitch. First thing you need to do is cut the power.

Kevin Herrera says:

Wrong.. he not even check the switch and the outlet because he wired perfectly wrong.

Rheda Dolinger says:

You are AWESOME… A great teacher you are….

Rheda Dolinger says:

This was great!  You are an excellent instructor….and fun to watch… I am now going to attempt this at home..  : )

Triple Up says:

why do my outlet cut off when I turn the switch on and when the switch is off the outlet turns on

Ryan Nguyen says:

Life saver, thank you.

Cliff Sullivan says:

I did the same connections that “the dude” did before watching the video. It doesn’t work, on top of that, you gotta love the “Oh, by the way, don’t forget to turn the power off ” as an after thought. Blas Prado in comments below has the correct hookup, switched lite and hot outlet. Thanks Blas, you da man! Unless, of course, you’re transgendered, then pardon the micro-aggression, my bad. That dude in the video must be smokin’ some good shit!

Eric Franklin Shook says:


Blas Prado says:

First step: don’e forget to TURN THE POWER OFF
If you want the power on the outlet independent (all the time with power), has to be connected in this way:

Black live coming from power line in goes to black screw (any black screw, because both are connected with the break-off tab not removed)
Black live wire coming from the bulb to the gold screw.
Ground wire to green screw and both white wires goes to silver screw.
now the light switch and the outlet are independent!!

Ken B says:

Did I miss something? How do you wire it if you want power to the outlet all the time using the switch to control something else?

Donald Lazore says:

ive wired the switch and receptical but the switch doesnt turn light off

electroplasm says:

Whoa whoa…please know you should always turn off the power to any electrical fixture your working on before you begin or even think about exposing any wiring.

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