CHEAP and EASY, Emergency Well Pump Requires No Electricity

This is so cool! Super Easy Emergency Well Pump requires no Electricity and super easy to make plus inexpensive. You never have to be without precious water in any emergency.


mamabear2014 says:

Thanks, Dad!

Search4Truth says:

lol i bet they used electricity to make it lol

Bart Perry says:

Thank you, I had an idea to use our old well to water the garden, and now I know how to use it….this is a great idea. UPDATE- Made mine up today, works great!! Thank you, now I have emergency water when I need it.

Brad Kershaw says:

Brilliant ! Way too simple. I love it. Thank your Dad for me !

ThreePhaseHigh says:

You call it a waterless well pump. So if that well is waterless then you have a hell of an invention. Your both will be billionaires. But if there is water in that well a pitcher spout pump would be much easier in a well that shallow. But don’t tell your old man hate to make him feel bad.

Edward Carberry says:

Very good I like that. May I give more information for people, please learn about what is called ” Primary Water” Dr Stephan Riess has a very good talk on it. Please pass this around let people know that there is NO water shortage just control!

First Classidiot says:

that is not a pump, for real that is a skinny bucket with a 1 way check valve to draw water out of a pipe. lol but good idea, its just not a pump, lol

WaterBuck says:

Nice homemade well bucket.

Terry Greenhalgh says:

thank you guy watch this and used it same day works great so I’m putting it in one of my video’s here soon thanks agin

Tom Greene says:

I’d recommend using sterile gloves during assembly and anytime you are using that including on the rope, to keep microbes out of the well.  Also, that is not a pump!  It is called a bailer.  You can buy pre-assembled ones at a well or environmental supply store.


well done! I can make this in less than 10 min. Exceptional & quick! I LIKED & SUBSCRIBED!

me ow says:

Huh, am I missing something, why not just do it with a hand pump, old school,? Why break your back, are you polish?

anak msia says:

good idea.

Laura Carpenter says:

smart papa and sons!

Tim Byrd says:

Great Great idea.  Where in Western Washington are yall?

safetyfirstintexas says:

why not make a reducer to 1″ at the top with a 90 and a hose and pump the apparatus up and down making the water travel up the tube/handle? mine uses a windmill piston in a pvc tube with pvc sucker rod/ handle. i plan to use a trundle board to use body weight to move the piston. pop eye thighs instead of arms.

I'm who I'm says:

they need to open this wells in Flint, Michigan

Tim Porter says:

great idea

Sarada Nagulapalli says:

great idea! Almighty may bless you with many more such ideas.

sarah wiley says:


dadgadfolkmusic says:

This is the same concept as a groundwater bailer that is used by environmental technicians for groundwater sampling.

melikegolf says:

Super smart ! Thanks Guys !!

Warren Geiler says:

Awesome! Just a tidbit for adjustments: biggest mistake people make with wells is contaminating the water supply- the PVC, rope, and your hands are all not clean and you’re spreading germs into not just your water supply but also anyone else using the same underground water. You just need a way to keep the pipe and rope clean and not touching the ground. $20, wow!

djustice5252 says:

Absolutely brilliant, thank you very much!

Twyla Smith says:

nice video.can you post everything you need to make this pump please?

Seth okthen says:

Define “PUMP” ?

Patricia Burch says:

great idea

Brandon Kana says:

“Water-less well pump”? The stores are full of those.

Patty Sherwood says:

I think I could do this. Thanks a lot

MidwestMom 76 says:

Thank you!

fed up says:

That’s not a pump, it’s a bailer.

TheTruthCanHurt says:

Thanks fellers !!!! Literally a life saver

shurppa64 says:

Thats not a pump. You made a pvc water bucket. Its works but its not a pump

HealthSupercharger says:

How is it that you have water so shallow?

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