Can Static Electricity Kill Your PC?

The DIY crew are PC-building villains, never wearing static wrist bands when putting builds together. But do anti-static wrist straps really protect anything? We pull out a homemade Van De Graaff generator and apply several thousand volts to PC components. Hard drives, RAM, video cards, and motherboards…which ones will fail? Watch the video to find out!


Christopher Fairfield says:

you can hear components frying some of those shocks are extra loud

Fallexn says:

I tried to power my PC with jumper cables and my car but it didn’t help.

Subtract says:

this is cringworthy, ever shock is a bit of my heart exploding

Sagar Bhagat says:

please youtubers help me…
i got the project….and i have to explain dangers of static electricity ….
will this static electricity able to kill big appliances. ? ?

Billy Rowe says:

Yes, it does.
I had a PC on the carpet as it was unplugged in. Stupid me, I accidentally moved it and BOOM! It doesn’t turn on at all. Power Supply is gone. This was an older DELL PC I got from my neighbor. This was years ago.

Cherano Kreeft :D says:

dude one shock is enough

illidur says:

I wear the anti static band on my dick for greater contact area.

PCMR101 says:

Simulate reality… the static produced when moving about on a carpet will be nowhere near the same as what was shown, and it would only be one shock; not a dozen powerful (visible) zaps.

Matthew B. says:

That dude in plaid reminds me of someone in a certain game and the person says: train go boom.

Thomas Wright says:

I was building my mother board and I had it on top of the anti static bag. have I just killed it. the whole time I was ground.

Parker Stephens says:

Haha.. Inspiron 530

Rockstar Gaming says:

didnt help much xD i dont think my hand is like a capacitor shocking it multiple times haha

Lee Phan says:

Dont need to use a wristband. Just hold the fucking component on its edges. I swear people have no common sense.

Electroid Twins says:

0:24 ur not grounded ur bonded lol

TimmyTeaBag says:

That’s a lot more static then in real life circumstances

Doom2pro says:

Just touch a ground every now and then, or strap it to your ankle.

Technitium says:

my pc cost more than 2500$, fuck yea im wearing a static wrist strap.even if its to press the power button

Stefan's Tech Verden says:

2:59 You guys are using the Onboard Graphics while using the dedicated GPU. That is why it was killed. Okay yeah it could be dead. But we didnt see the result because of that fail! Only the Onboard disabled and outputting Nothing

Guillermo A says:


sermerlin1 says:

Note to myself… Don’t hold van de graaff generator while handling sensitive electronic components!

charly evans says:

take it to a static free lab where the technicians with the white suits and special gloves and static free air tight room can assemble the components, Ha ha or just hold a knife in one hand don’t wear anything cotton and stand on a floor not a rub and everything should be fine or just take it in and have someone properly do it. Taking it in would be my best bet. Best to be safe

Bhume says:

NO AHHHH!!! this scares me, im watching this on my inspiron 530…

Kepler Born says:

4:23 to skip ad

Bill Strack says:

You guys are goofie, but good information. BTW, dropping a small screw/nut driver on the motherboard kills it too.

hyylo says:


How does touching the metal case of the computer help to discharge the body of electric charge if the computer is unplugged?

My view was that you can only discharge the body if connected to an earthed/grounded cable?

Dennis Garvey says:

You didn’t test the power supply!

Sagar Bhagat says:

i saw that this generator can able to kill pc components. ..
can this generators static energy is strong enough to kill microwave ovens or any other big electrical appliances. ? ? ?
please reply..friends…

The Walking Dead says:

logical that housing will destroy the motherboard, housing only serves to overload protection, housing and parent metal are connected logically and therefore can not destroy or parent is survived 30k for housing, housing is only safety

Sukhoi47Berkut1 says:

voltage and intensity are very differents in natural body static and coil generated static :v i never use antistatic wrist strap, cause weather in my country dont allow static in my body(humidity always is above 80%).

Eepu says:

l don’t belive you guys. That was just editing

GamerOnABudget says:

u can’t call that a GPU

Alex Yordanov says:

I shock em to death that why I unlike

moedogger21 says:

thats a hell of a lot more that a static shock

Ausar0 says:

This was an entertaining video, sure, but not entirely realistic.

The shocks used here are much more powerful than the shocks that would come out of your fingers after walking on carpet (I think) AND you shocked most of them multiple times, which wouldn’t happen

vilava games سعود ملا says:

i would eat that coumputer

GamersAddict says:

Who came from Tech Yes City?

NickTheDumbass says:

nice inspiron

LoLnoskiLL says:

Dat Overkill like lets put whole computer into boiling water and see if it works still. Static electricity isnt going to hurt anything unless you do this shit

Muncha says:

It’s weird how when the gpu was dead, it didn’t give a post code

Gr4tch iMur4vynika says:

MFW I have that same computer

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