Tumblr Locker Organization & DIY Decorations! Back To School 2016!

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Thank you for watching this Tumblr Locker Organization & DIY Decorations Video! I hope you enjoyed, and got inspired to decorate your locker 🙂

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How tall r u? I´m 5.7 and a half! (171,5)
How old r u? I´m 15! My birthday is October 18th!
Where r u from? Oslo, Norway

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Grace Rowley says:

im so sad cause in my school youre not allowed to decorate youre locker so it just a boring grey locker :(((

Kaylea Johnson says:

What school do you go to

Laure Kay says:

soo good. we will have this lockers an I’m so excited to decorate it!!! thanks! xx

Lila Bradley says:

Who’s watching in 2017?

Chris Killian says:

cool locker

Kidsongs says:

Jenny Yang

Beth's Bows says:


eya bennaceur says:

i love you :-):-)


i love your locker so much

jawaher nadeem says:

The song please

Macy Baldwin says:

When did u film this??

Tuff Stuff says:

my birthday is October 18th too!!

Unicorn!123 says:

Ur lockers are SO BIG AND COOL!!!! Ours are small and COMPLETELY EMPTY

Sadie Baby says:

Wherever u go to school, ur lockers are gorge!!!

Dominique Diaz says:

In middle school do u have time to decorate your locker

Emer McDermott says:

Trying too hard to be a replica of sarahsbeautycorner
who agrees?

Carlissa Rae says:

I need advise..so I have only 2 minutes to get to each classes and 5 in the morning. When should I clean my locker?

Valen Botía A. says:

I don’t have a locker, I’d have it. 🙁

Maya Mccauley says:

Where are you from?!

Hannah Tickster says:

first of all why don’t you have locks on them? and second of all no one has lockers like that ( I think there fake) and third I loved it!

Rainbow Kaee says:

what country do you live in because Panduro hobby is for like the European area

Mythaesa Starspirit says:

omigosh you’re so pretty!!!

Angel Lamba says:

hey mercerly ur bday is on 18 october and mine on 10 october!!!

Rosa says:

I am so sad bc i don’t have a locker)):

Aurelia Skye says:

I never noticed she had such a strong accent. I mean I’m American but I always thought she didn’t have an accent.

Nicole Hoffman says:

your luck I can barley fit my backpack in my locker it’s so skinny

Gerda Vilk says:

im so jelous your school have lockers with shelves its way more orginize

Armani Martinez says:

Who else thinks she has beautiful hand writing

Christnsbeauty Reyes says:

when I went to sixth grade this helped

Madelen Lerbrekk says:

Are You from norway

Wolf lover 101 says:

This is the first video that I watched from her and so far I really like her channel!

Torie Smith says:

At my school I have the older lockers not the new ones so they’re metal and like a tan color but they’re kind of small but i can still fit my stuff in it but I have no decorations lmao

r r says:

i’am getting a locker buy my bffs are sure going to make it cuter what do I do!

Babygirlanastasia Anastasia says:

Tell me where she got her backpack

Aiden Paisley says:

this sucks

hazha sabr says:

cha maktab haia



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