Spooky DIY Decor, Corinne VS Pins HALLOWEEN EDITION


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Elisabeth Engelbert says:

there is also just too much pillow stuffing in the pillow

Toxic Raven says:

It’s just so dam spooopy

Sereniti Williams says:


Yash DIY says:

You should have used a heat gun to make the hand form after putting the rubber hand thingy.

savantiflag says:

parting your hair on the side does something nice for your face…looks good

Holographic Unicornpoop says:

If she just left the two eyeballs on the bottom of the rose thingy, it would look better like the thing from the Night before Christmas, that shit would be scary.

Toys toys and more toys Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

Do more man vs Corinne vs pin like if you agree

Erin Plemmons says:


Beanie boo Addiction says:

She said meaw not now

Saela Myers says:

Pedepie is shit

blu baluby says:


lucija cvikl says:

Do a glow in the dar dress

mango peach says:

You could cut memory foam into the shape of a hand

kim jacobs says:

ilysm u always change thing things to ur desire ILUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lps Food Lover says:

I think that your better than pewdipie!

Slime central says:

Card stock

Blue Tuber says:

I like her hair

Morgan Barlow says:

Could you please stop cursing my mom keeps getting mad at me for watching people who curse all the time but I really like you and want to keep watching you

D C says:

I think Corinne needs to cut down on the smokables.

#ashtag Blessed says:

idk why but I’m guessing u like spiders

amoni styles says:

Murder house, freak show, and hotel were the best by far but overall I gotta go with hotel. There was so many plot twists it was great

Warrior Vegito says:

“EXTRA Protection.. Know what I mean?” Safety Tips with Corrine 2016- Where she talks about the most safest tips around! Including, RoadProtection, Achohaul Protection, SmokingTipsToQuit, and sex tips! The most safest ones of all! (totally.)

Arthur Castro says:

or should you say the b*tching hour

Kristy Courtney says:

I love youy

Dane Oliver says:

Season 1-3 are the best seasons, let’s be honest

Jackie Garcia says:

We’ve made it this far, kid


Kathryn Johnson says:

Make a rope bowl

Sienna Porter says:

Corrine has the same cat ears as Christine

Smiling Otaku says:

I guess you had to EYEBALL where you wanted it on the wreath

summer powell says:


Janie Saldana says:

I actually did leave this video then went to watch pew dispose but then I came back to the video

NekoTheDark says:

I friggin love Corinne. Most of her videos with like decor and maybe some clothing designs I’m planning to use in my future apartment. It’s gonna look like, as my grandma calls hot topic, a “devil store.” My family is southern and religious while I am not

Molly Shadows says:

DIY fashion cat ears?

panda girl says:

Corrine, I too love the Queen of cosplay

Sapphire Animates says:

I would honestly much rather watch ThreadBanger than PewDiePie

Alexis Woodberry says:

my favorite season was coven.

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