Rainbow Balloon Arch DIY – Balloon Decoration Tutorial

Balloon arch with rainbow 5 color spiral design. Join Tanya in this balloon decoration tutorial and learn how to make a balloon arch without a stand or helium.

This arch is approx 7.5′ x 7.5′. If you want a bigger arch you can add more balloons. This rainbow balloon decoration is a great idea for kids birthday parties, baby showers and other fun events!

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Nellyesquilin Esquilin says:

Tanya with a electric pump is faster but the thing is that your heart is so big that you do it this way for all your fans that dont have a electric inflater you are the best

ituau letele says:

do you have another video using balloon arch with the same colors?

Toronto Kids Birthday says:

Terrific balloon decoration idea for kids birthday parties! Bonus that it does not need a frame!

bhavesh perla says:

Hi u r videos r amazing !!can i made this arch before one day a head ?

Bernie Lopez says:

loooove this. is there any way this can be made with a 6 balloon cluster?

Anna&Maria TV says:

Have a wonderful day! ❤ I appreciate your video, please visit my channel, watch my videos . 。◕‿◕。

Nellyesquilin Esquilin says:

Tanya love this one

Nellyesquilin Esquilin says:

Tanya i need your help iam going to make a squard column is 6 feet tall and 6 feet long iam making it with tne lamp stander how many cluster will i need and witch balloon i such size of balloon i need to use please

Mrscreative47 says:

Thank you

Hello Happy says:

Been waiting to see how to make something like this! Love it!

Nellyesquilin Esquilin says:

Tanya waooooooo you are the best

Ajaz Jamil says:

My first attempt at this after watching your tutorial… But my quads don’t stay in place, not staying flat. So when I place one quad on top of the other it becomes a weird shape… What am I doing wrong?

show me KIDS says:

Wonderful video. I so much enjoyed watching it. You make real beauty

Antoine Winfree says:

what brand of balloon do u recommend. I’ve ordered a few kind off amazon but the quality of them all suck.

Tay Robinson says:

This awesome! Your tutorials are easy to follow, filled with creativity, and great instruction! Keep’em coming!

Raysean Dunbar says:

is there anyway you could show a tutorial on how to do the ice cream sundae balloon?

Mrscreative47 says:

Your balloons look so thick in color not transparent the ones I bought 🙁

Nellyesquilin Esquilin says:

Tanya you speak spanish jaja

Denise Grimaldi says:

Idk why my balloons keep popping especially when I’m almost done… Any suggestions?

Multi Channel TV says:

Thumbs up:) i subbed n like it.
sub me back please:)

Yandery915 says:

How long does it take to make this with an electric inflator?

Lynn Keller says:

Hi Tanys, thank you for sharing this arch with us. How much would you charge? could you please PM me? Hope you are keeping well. xo

imkevig says:

wow this is amazing!!! Do you have to make one of the balloons smaller when you make the top of the arch because it looks so perfectly curved

LittleJoe says:

Super video. Thumbs up. Wow! Love this Rainbow Balloon arch. So colorful and petty. Forsure would be on my favorites list of your videos 🙂 My sister and I would love something like this coming into our bedrooms 🙂

Ebony B says:

I love your tutorials! One question though, what is the name of the tool you use to measure the size of the balloons?

kaneena jackson says:

Hello what is the name of the measuring tool?

Krista Jensen says:

This is great! Can I ask you, how long does it take to make?

Mrscreative47 says:

Even though I still have a lot to learn about balloon decorating …you are one the best by far the best balloon tutorial teacher on youtube.

Balloon Sage says:

Amazing arch! The editing is great and you make wonderful use of your space. Cheers!

Katie Galichia says:

how many balloons do you need for this?

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