Last Minute & Easy DIY Easter & Spring Decor Crafts ♡ 2016

Hi Friends! Happy Easter!!
Yay! I am so excited I was able to film a new last minute & easy and inexpensive DIY Easter decor craft video. With Easter being about a week away, these fun crafts would be a great addition to anyone’s Easter and Spring decorations! I hope you enjoy this video and I would love to hear which craft is your favorite! I will also be posting a Easter Decor Room Tour very, very soon! So keep your eyes out for that video!

I would LOVE to see your recreations! If you post them on Instagram or Twitter, use the hashtag #CraftingWithLauryn and tag me!

Here are a few other Easter Decor Haul videos from this year:

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Easter Decor Hauls (HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Rodworks, & JoAnn Fabrics,)

Let me know what you found out in the stores this year for Easter decor!!

Lots and lots of haul videos coming up! Definitely keep your eyes out!

– Lauryn

Link to haul video showing Easter Decor from last year:…

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I hope you have one fabulous day!

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Renne Shields says:

You inspire me so much ❤️❤️❤️

Victoria Moro says:

The intro is so lonnnnnggggg

Jenerra Brown says:

Target had some really good all white craft eggs. 6 for $1.50 and they don’t open up that what I bought I’m going back today to get a few more bags!

Sweaterthief says:

When the glitter dries, you can just paint mod podge over it to seal it.

sidra kt says:

soooo awesome

Ugne Mack says:

Have a look at these easy tips for your Easter decor!


You worked so hard on all of these!! I loved it..Awesome job.

Destiny Nicole says:

you are amazing im 11 and u help me i love this im subscribing

LS Videos says:

wow well done bravo!!!!

Crystal Wolf505 says:

Have a good easter gurl

kirstie says:

XD i watched this a day before Easter Sunday

Crystal Wolf505 says:


Lsnake_42 says:

Yay! I have the 444th like!

maria charles says:

Very thing is so cute thank you so much for sharing

Tersa Hess says:

Love love love the pillow!!! I got those bags for my kids for Easter goodies
this year, going to turn them into pillow for the kids.

Jocelyn Riseley-Stevens says:

i like it you laugh alot

Celina Ansel says:

Thaks alot i think i will make some one for my daughter 🙂 Shes 10 month and have alot of rabbits in her room …. Agian thanks alot

kate swift says:


Jennifer Watts says:

that is so cute the bunny banner I might have to see how many bunny’s I have left too see if I can make one for next year

jerome valeska says:


AJ Dean says:

this is my first video that I watch from you and you keep on coming up on my recommended craft but I love it them

Angel Sims says:

You smile so much! It makes me smile too 🙂

JustJackie says:

Great video 🙂 I love the pillow diy 😀

Kimberly Kirk says:

Super cute!!!!! Thank you for all craft lessons, letting us know where you got the supplies (plus reviews) & all the tips to make the crafts go smoothly for us 🙂 I also love pink & gold.

Spectra Anenonymous says:

Wow!! These really helped a LOT!!! thanks a bunch!!! using these in my Easter themed venue at school!! Thanks Again!!

Sandy McAllister says:

So Cute!! Thanks for sharing, love them all!

scary stories says:

wow these are so cool loved the golden eggs

Clay zee gaby Diy says:

After this vid I went to target to buy the bunny bag

Ffgggh Hhj says:

nice thanks

Small Rabbit says:

AMEN about the difference between actual DIY videos vs decor ideas I keep seeing channels label as DIY. Drives me nuts when I’m searching for an actual diy project D: thank you for this video- so cute!!

Jocelyn Riseley-Stevens says:


Deb Lairson says:

These diys are great! Very clever! I love the pillow/bag. I don’t think you blab too much. 🙂

April Cox says:

Love your eye makeup. I have blue eyes also! love the bunny pillow. I stuffed the ears!! it totally changed the feel of decor

magnificentgaby says:

Wow amazing

G Sawyer says:

First time viewer. I was looking for unique ideas for this year’s upcoming Easter theme. Great ideas and I love how you incorporated the spring theme with the bird house. I can’t wait to hit target this year to see what I can find. You’re an inspiration.

Chrissy Love says:

The rabbit banner is so adorable and gave me like 27 ideas for other banners with other die cuts I have seen lately!! ❤️ Paint tarp – great idea. Wish I would’ve thought of it before over spraying onto my deck 🙁 ❤️ Cute bird house!! More inspiration for spring!!

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