Ikea Hacks and DIY Room Decor and Home Decoration Ideas

Here are a few DIY Ikea hacks that you can try to decorate your bedroom and give it a makeover! These homeware decor pieces are very inexpensive and easy to make, making them a budget friendly DIY craft project!

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Maddie Becker says:

Oh my god she deserves so much more subscribers

Ella Rosett says:

I like the doughnuts from ikea :))

Celine Ramirez says:

I like meat

x_Ali.ce_x HD says:

I love the choklad bulle

lynaem88 says:

I would have ironed the rug but I love the diys

linda tallgren says:

Swedish squad?

coblestoneBoom says:


Mennatallah Ahmed says:

what is the app do u use to edit your vedio ?!

kawaii cousins ! says:

i lllooovvveee the cinnamon buns from IKEA they are soooooo yummy yassss

snoopfroggyfrogg says:

Hi, just a thought – you could use a resin instead of hot glue to fill your Glitter coaster – it would create a level surface and would be more durable! I believe resin/epoxy is quite easy to find and use. ☺️

Simone B says:

I don’t know how I found your channel but i’m glad I did! You definetly deserve more subscribers.

Meabh Hogan says:

Omg yayy!!! You are veggie too! I never meet anyone else who is, all my friends think I’m crazy!!!!

Reyzhel Avila says:

what is that hats called in 2:45

JustEdenNichole says:

Your decor is *ALWAYS* so cute, Hermione!!!

Rebecca Rubin says:

IKEA has food?

Simply Erin says:

I get what you mean about the IKEA food I love the veggie hotdogs xox ps great video xox

Jakob Paul Ebeling says:

Can you please sub me? My mom promised me that I’m allowed to go to Ikea with a 200$ budget when I reach 200 subs !!! Pleeeaaaseee !!!

Mikaren Geo says:

i love your channel so much !!!!!!

Cynthia Portillo says:

Only reason Why I subscribed, your name is Hermione, but i watch more of your videos it is so worth it!

Damaris Herregaard says:

I like the cinnamon buns! Or I think that is what it’s called in English…

Nikole L says:

Hi Hermione there are heaps of channels posting your video’s at the moment search room decor DIY’s and you’ll see some smaller channels you’ll probably recognize the pictures. I’d report them if I were you. It’s unfair on you and all the hard work you’ve put into your channel.

Sweetstars xoxo says:

how old are you? ❤

Iman Ghani says:

Ooh I ABSOLUTELY LOVEE the cork thing❤️❤️definitely gonna try that out.

TheGirlWithTheCamera TheGirlWithTheCamera says:

Could you possibly make a video that is d.i.ys with stuff you would have around your house? Plz? XD

shaojie ning says:

I was wondering why I can’t find out your email address…Business collab

Amy-leigh Wilson says:

Hello, I love your videos I’m always watching them, I love going to IKEA in Scotland I’m always up they’re seeing my family. And I love try out your DIY. I am a vegetarian too so my favourite food from IKEA is anything that vegetarian lol. Hope you okay?? And thank you for the your love video. P.s I love to see a room Tour. Hope you reply

LJ Sparkle101 says:


Caitlin Henry says:

I can’t believe I’m this late . Keep up the brill videos , you should make a video on what you got for Christmas. Love the hat DIY.

Lucy says:

I love these videos so much! Please never stop them!!

RubyChopsticks says:

Couldn’t you just flip the coaster over since it’s glass and the glitter will show through and the surface will be flat to actually be used as a coaster?

Ronja Lysholm says:

Great I’m going to ikea tomorrow

Chisaki Arima says:

love those DIYs!! I’ve practically watched all of them

Maheen's Art Studio says:

which video editor did you use

Trudi McCabe says:

You just got yourself a knew subbie!!!!!!

Meadow Magic says:

Hello hermione could you do a vegetarian food ideas video because I am new to being a veggie and have no idea what to cook.

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