Hidden shelf(kawaii crafts)EASY DIY room decor ideas

Hidden shelf(kawaii crafts)EASY DIY room decor ideas.

Today I wanted to show you how to make a shelf out of cardboard,this kawaii craft is so unique and you can make it in any size to organize your room.
This step by step tutorial is so easy and you don’t need to buy expensive supplies to make this craft it,since this room decor idea uses mostly cardboard and paper(cardstock)

If you want an easy and cheap but at the same time cute and original idea,you just found it 🙂 I love the way it looks but you can make this panda shelf in any size.

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cute girl Question says:

thank u for replying

Mahima Joshi says:

(:3) (^^) $$

Bareena jamal says:

This is sooo amazing….I just love Pandas!!

Sunil Sharma says:

soooooooooooooo cute…….

Briseida Garcia says:

Love your diy.

Bareena jamal says:

wow this is awesome …I really think pandas are the cutest animals

Ann Babygurl says:

This would be cute done as Hello Kitty!!

pistashio Robinson says:

so uute

Sara Mohamed says:

how does the Head of the Panda Stuck to it without falling down?

Kylie Hayhurst says:

I like her name

Pooja Rani says:

really u r god gift

Briseida Garcia says:

who watches diy but never does them because there to lazy. by the way like your diy

Briseida Garcia says:

Love your diy.

Cress Benedictos says:

So cute!!!!!! …. Panda is my fav. Sub.

Briseida Garcia says:

love your diy

manjusha valiveti says:


Ángel CARRILLO says:

Where did i hear that song the one of the intro

Pusheen Gorganzolo says:

This was AMAZING totally making it

Briseida Garcia says:

who watches diy but never does them because there to lazy. by the way like your diy

Maridan Soriano says:

so damn beautiful! I think you also do this as your business.. and seriously I want this hidden shelf because it’s cool. but I’m not professional like you girl.. so I can’t do this on my own hand just like what you do.

Janny bao says:

Like if you think her room is cute

Aj icemolone says:

What’s the song at 3:33?

Crafting Hours says:

This one looks simply superb. I’d love to make this soon. Thanks a lot for this video!

Starvaria the Bird says:


Ben Parsons says:

you are rille one of the peopule that dont talk

Prathvi Shetty says:

Sooo cute and nice

fuzzycanon says:


bubear 11 says:

First video of yours I see, new subscriber!!!

cute girl Question says:

can cardboard hold an ink pot &small diary ?

Jessica Laryea says:

where did u get the pick from

Joan Mack says:

What’s that song at 3:36

Random_ Panda says:

Like who’s going to notice a giant panda head sticking out of your wall?

Aubrie Marsland says:

I love your videos

Rainbow Narwhal says:

Your room is so cute ❤️

Mark Kean says:



That is AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bareena jamal says:

wow this was awesome I really think pandas are the cutest!!(even more cuter than me!!  just kidding)

Beemo Bot says:

this was so simple and cute thank you

Briseida Garcia says:

Love your diy.

Briseida Garcia says:

Love ove your diy.

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