Halloween Foam Tombstone Makeover | Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas (DIY)

We give store bought Halloween decoration foam tombstone props a Halloween makeover adding some creepiness and realistic looking details to make them extra spooky this Halloween season. See several halloween decoration ideas that customize and make the dollar store halloween tombstone decorations look even better for your outdoor haunted cemetery yard display or home haunt. We really wanted to make a all in one ultimate halloween tombstone tutorial for beginners and everyone with or without tools. We try many different methods and make suggestions for other possibilities. All these techniques and ideas are easy and doesn’t have to cost much if you use stuff laying around. Not to mention there are so many ways you can get these results you’re sure to achieve the right look for your haunt. We customize styrofoam graveyard tombstones by either doubling them up together or adding thicker foam sheets behind. We glue everything together using great stuff expanding foam insulation from the local hardware stores. We even add some larger bases below some of the halloween gravestones for a realistic variety that you would see in a real haunted and spooky cemetery. We add weight, pvc pipe, and metal rebar to go into the ground so it stays put and doesn’t fly off in the wind to the neighbors yard. Last we give them each a custom paint job to look more like real stone and spray glue dollar store moss to the sides for that last finishing scary touch. We had so much fun on this project that time just flew by we ended up with this super long video. So sit back, relax, get some ideas and maybe a even a couple laughs. We hope you enjoy.

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Halloween Tombstone Props – Heavy Duty Large Plywood Graveyard Decorations (DIY)

Halloween Tombstones | DIY Decoration Ideas | Store Decor Makeover



Sara Blanco says:

Ong thank you for this!!!! I’ve been wanting to do something like this.
You guys are amazing!!!

StrongBabyPanda says:

I’ve often wondered about different ways to improve these very tombstones! I have quite a few. I love the ideas you guys came up with, definitely outside of the box and good results! Thanks guys.

JW Drums says:

Love you guys!!! So happy to see you posting some more cool DIY! hopefully in a few years, you will have a great little helper for future projects!!! Have an amazing day!!

TrIsH ReDdInG says:

Thanks for the ideas, guys! Harrison is so adorable!

Julian Hernandez says:

Love all of these I got so excited when I seen you guys upload can’t wait for more!

Wayne Hutchens says:

You guys did a great job.Love the grave yard.

Chills on Chambers says:

Love that you guys are doing this during nap time. That’s the only way I can get any stuff done. Can’t wait till my 3 are old enough to help with the haunt. Love the video.

Wondergirl 60s says:

You guys are awesome!❤️

The Cabin Club says:


TheHobbyShopFilms says:

Would hydraulic cement work? It looks a lot like the thin set, and dries super fast.

Nelly C says:

So cool, I love them all

YouTube TV says:

R.I.P halloween even though I can’t celebrate it I still love it

Heather's Pampered Kitch says:

Gina, I’ve been the same way about having to make props! I’ve been wanting to for forever, but the time…

Nashneil Stafrace says:

Hi holly wood hunters and happy halloween

jssherrard says:

The haunted-baby animatronic looks so life like! 😉 You two are the best!!!

Samantha Black says:

Great to see you two in HAUNT MODE, even if it’s just Harrison’s nap time long 😉 That Great Stuff can/applicator is the bomb!!!

Houdreaux says:

I use wood filler to fill gaps and sand then coat mine with drylock, it has a stoney texture and add touch of slate Gray color, then I’ll come back and tea stain it then dry brush white in different directions

MrRottincorps says:

Moss grows on North side Great job !l

Jum Jum says:

What dollar store do you shop at where I’m at they only have dollar trees and 99 cent only stores

Tina Strangway says:

Fantastic….love them so much. I have to say I did use dollars store tombstone and built them up as well. You guy’s make me want to go out and build some more lol. Just love your videos. I remember how hard it is to do anything at all with a curious toddler. Have fun!

Karanormal Props says:

Great tutorial , I need more tombstones!

Fred Williams says:

I’m SO glad to see these. You know we’ve missed your videos and decorating.

But now I’m going to have to “fix” all my foam storebought tombstones, lol.

I know zombies are pretty much last year, but I could see Harrison dressed as one, shambling through the cemetery.

Love it guys. 31 days!

Phil Rabe says:

Hey guys!! Happy to see the kid working on his ‘Harrison’s Fiberglas Revue’. I’m glad you can still do a few props here and there. PS that’s a fun EPS rock background!

JOHNJOHN 9111 says:

wh0o0o0o one hour later!!!! lol

MistakezWeRMade _ says:

I’ve never cared for styrofoam stones. I’ve always made wood stones for a western type them to my cemetery. This makes me wanna use the foam stones. You guys did amazing work transforming original dollar store stones. Definitely going to try this.

Andrew Long says:

Great Job, love them all!

cthootie says:

I’m glad to see my favorite home haunters back. Looks like you could use a Nanny. I’m thinking more McPhee vs Poppins? I’m burning with curiosity about the “Rock Walls” behind you. Is that also your work? Anyway thanks much for the video and I hope you have a great Halloween.

Happy Haunting

Linnéa Pålsson says:


Rich jones says:

Love this video & gave me some awesome ideas. Couldn’t you use the solar part of the light to make the tombstones sway side by side right. I definitely love all of them. Fantastic job done with making them & making them look awesome.

All4Catastrophe says:

Thanks for the tips guys! I was at the Dollar store the other day picking up moss and such for tombstones and pillars I always walk by their foam tombstones laughing cause they are a joke but, this video kinda opened my eyes that I can make them better .. so excellent tip! I now have 28 sheets of OSB 1/2″ painted both sides of ALL black and 9′ Rebar inset in the ground after my OK from PG&E etc. Am sick lol apparently I got the shingles three days ago doctor said no work I said SURE NP, got home and was carrying around sheets of OSB lol gonna be a LONNGGG month. I look forward to your next video tip! ~Cat

Lights on Butler Court says:

cool vid now im gonna fix all my crappy tombstones that ive had for years. its funny i was looking for a vid like this for a long time

Terry Myers says:

Firstly, Master Harrison is getting sooo big, growing like a weed he is. That was a fun tute, guys. But my question is: for those that are on a budget what typrs/makes of adhesives work best on foam? I know you guys go thru lots of the spray adhesives since youre in the industry but for the average yard haunter what are your recomendations? Looking forward to your next video. Terry from the OC. PS: nice shout out to Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Im always there photographing. PS2: for more inspiration on old, damaged and weathered headstones i suggest Angelus Rosedale Cemetery in LA and Evergreen Cemetery in East LA (Boyle Heights). Im at those locations quite a lot, also, doing more photography.

Phil Rabe says:

Hey! Wait a minute! This was published today, and it’s still daytime on the West coast. It’s almost like you guys are outside doing this stuff even as I am. Up in Oakland.

Eric Lopez says:

I now regret throwing away foam from stuff I bought

Mike C says:

So good to see a video from you guys! The tombstones look great!

Richard Ibarra says:

That’s really I like it all

MistakezWeRMade _ says:

Whether or not moss grows predominantly on the north side of trees depends on where you live. “There is a tendency for moss to grow on the northern side of a tree—in the northern hemisphere,” he says. “In the southern hemisphere mosses would have a tendency to grow on the south, shady, side of trees.

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