GLAM DOLLAR TREE DIY VALENTINE’S DAY IDEAS! JANUARY 17, 2019 Welcome to my Dollar Tree DIY Series! New Dollar Tree DIYs every Thursday and Friday 8:30AM PST 🙂 WATCH MORE: ❌JOIN THE FRUGAL FAM TODAY, CLICK BELOW 👇🏾

* I prefer hot glue for all my crafts, BUT it will not last for most plastic and metal projects. If you’re not crafting for fun like me, extend the life of your DIYS by using industrial strength glue.
*DIY #1: The diamond wrap can also help conceal any flaws. I did 3 coats of paint letting it dry for 15 minutes each time. I let the inside dry overnight.
*DIY #2: I found the dark pink hearts last year. Instead of a mirror, you can try a silver plastic plate. To display, I used dollar tree tea light candle holders.
*DIY #3, I think the more necklaces/ rows you add, the more grand it will look. I did 10. The circle was 14.5”. I suggest tracing the circle on the cardboard first then cutting it. To skip covering the mirror for painting, You can also trace out the mirror portion, add the necklaces, paint then and glue the mirror. Just keep in mind that the paint might cause the glue to lift easily.

* Go to Hobby lobby Joann Fabrics, or check Amazon, Etsy, and buy in bulk for gems, trim, beads and pearls! Buying at Dollar Tree isn’t always the cheapest option. I bought 1 pound of gems and pearls for $8 when they were 50% off and I paid $7 for of gems at joann when they were 70% off. Check out this video, I talk more about dollar deals at hobby lobby here:

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MATERIALS (From Dollar Tree, see exceptions):
Something sharp to cut with
Hot glue or other
Wax tool (amazon)
Large and small Gems (dollar tree and bulk, see note above)
Painters tape
Silver spray paint (plastic friendly from Micheals)
Large glass jar
Diamond wrap
Paint brush
Nail polish remover
q-tip or another brush
Magnetic mirror set
Heart table scatter (3-4 bags depends on how many you make and size
Silver plates (optional)
Wax paper
Scrap paper
3-4 heart beaded necklaces (depends on how big you want it)
Seashell pink and white paint (micheals)
Craft Inspirations comes from Random Ideas that literally pop into my head, Home Décor Stores, My Daughters’ Likes, My Home, Supplies I see at Dollar Tree and Pinterest

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ashley millward says:

Awesome work.

Pam Vigil says:

Beautiful And I Love your Ink thanks for sharing

Maria Martinez says:


Linda White says:

very creative love each diy

Kim Maxwell says:

Beautiful diy..



D C says:

You always do such nice crafts. Thank you for sharing. Have a happy day!

Natorris Quinn Just with Grace says:

Gorgeous ideas

Adriana Martinez says:

Beautiful work, thanks for sharing!

Loreli Eggimann says:

That rain, we need it, but its not supposed to mess with your craft projects!, Lol! I think all 3 crafting ideas you made, are very beautiful, and you cant even tell that it was messed with rain! 🙂

A. Soule says:

I jus came across ur channel. Ooohh!!! WOW, These pieces r sooo cute n very unique!!!

Nell's Design Emporium, Inc. says:

FYI Do all painting before adding your gemstone trim.

Sondie Fields says:

What kind of Camera tripod are you using to record? I’m trying to find on to record better for my videos. Current one is shaky Thanks! Your DIYs are awesome

Lady Js Place Judy says:

All of your projects are very beautiful, I love how you brought them all together, so lovely tfs

leonora acevedo says:

Wow beautiful

Brenda Brown says:

I love the crafts you made, the mirror is beautiful it didn’t look damage from the rain. I can’t wait to try making the mirror for my bathroom.

Michelle's Moments says:

Beautiful diy’s for ❤ Day. New subscriber.

Jen B. says:

You were so calm about the random flood! I think the projects turned out great. Thanks for sharing them.

kinesha redmond says:

did you make the mirror tray too?

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