Felt Tree Decor – DIY THRIFTMAS Day 7

Welcome to Day 7 of 12 Days of Thriftmas! Today we create some super cute felt trees to decorate our home with. Show your support by leaving a Like!

Felt Tree Decor – DIY THRIFTMAS Day 7

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Isabel Ugalino says:

I can’t wait till the next one and I am well might make this for my mom!

Emma Marie says:

what camera do you use tiff?!

Eghlima Javooni says:

Awww 0:53

DragonKnightz says:

Having a bad day and watching tiffy somehow made me smile. 🙂

Melissa Ocampo says:

their amazing

Miguel Soto says:

You should do another collab w/ Joey Graceffa

Princess Rose says:

Tiffy, every place has trees otherwise there would be no people… XD

Sirfluffypuff 2.0 Art Crafts 21 says:

Ruby at the end on the table, she is so cute looking, I feel like I want to squeeze her!

Dilnaaz Sanghera says:

Is Tiffy a person that uses there left hand because I am

MiKal says:

Eyeliner on fleek?

Kayla Aman says:

tiffy can you please make Christmas slime?

Maddieplier says:

I really liked this one. It’s one of my favorites and I might actually make this even though the holidays have passed.

Andrew lopez says:

Your dog is cute

Breanne Meekis says:

“I’m gojng to pu you in a costume too!” LOL

Ashley Donutz says:

My art teacher made a drawing of you and i have the drawing❤️❤️

Jennifer Quintero says:

I love it when the family interrupts

Purple_Goddess_ 100% says:

can you please do a house tour!!

GirlyHuskplayz 4 reals says:

thanks tiff I made that for my teacher and it turned out awesome

Guinea Pigs says:

I just realized something. If it’s FREE.99 then you still have to pay 99cents! :O

Wildwildwolves Wolfey says:


Daiso Dots says:

You should make a diy ornament

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