Easy Ganesh Decoration ideas at home | DIY

Make this beautiful and astonishing decoration for our beloved Ganpati for this Ganesh Chaturthi !!!

The decoration is t from news papers !!!!

Link to Paper Flower Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bbfz1q_lWRY&t=14s

Items used :
Newwspaper, crepe paper for flowers, velvet fabric, net fabric, jar borders, paper plates, satin ribbon, clear tape, glue, stone border/lace


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soumya Kaimal Ahuja says:

very nice…I really liked it. vl try

neeru chawariya says:


geeta nagpal says:

Nice work.i will try

Spongy Cap says:

Can you name the items used?

Raju Agrawal says:


charmy joshi says:

truely creative…and eco friendly…great job crafty mate 🙂

Miriyala Nikitha says:

I tried that

Fun with Crafts says:

Link to make Paper Flower Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bbfz1q_lWRY&t=14s

Miriyala Nikitha says:

Very nice

Khushi Rajawat says:

very nice keep it up

Vaishnavi fulari says:

superb bhavik

ishita masale says:

it is very nice and easy to make

bsupriyain says:

Really nice and helpful

Valar Nila says:

very nice

santosh upadhyay says:

we were not able to make decorate Ganesha thankyou

Valar Nila says:

very nice

Harshid Paliwal says:

I tried but glue is not strong.. which glue u used for sticking plates to pillar..?

Ram kishore says:


anil chaudhary says:


Fun with Crafts says:

Here’s the Instant Dry Fruit Modak Recipe from our another Channel that is Sachin’s Kitchen.

Rani Ji says:


vicky gupta says:


Rani Ji says:


Padmavati Mandapaka says:

Very creative

Iswarya R says:

different mind of u. i am appreciate for u very nice performance…

Priyanka Shrivastava says:

Awesome ….

Nisha Gharat says:


Sonal Wani says:

simple easy and best

Khushi Rajawat says:

firstly the video is nice and happy ganesh chaturthi to all

zoom printer says:

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi, it is very useful for my children

Alicia Kay says:

Yes! Thank you!
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!

Parmar Dipa says:

Can you make list of items you have used in the video.

Harshad Devikar says:

Nice pics Ganesh

Suganya Suganya says:


Nita Rana says:

Nice superb idea

Valar Nila says:

very nice

Prerna Murthy says:

It’s really awesome ,
I really appreciate with work had from newspaper

Geeta Vaswani says:

it’s beautiful

Sai Baba says:

Awesum superb fantastic nd thankyew yeh video daalne ko mn is ganpati Puja mn aisa h decoration krna h

Rajashri Jagatap says:

Nice tq yr

Ravi Kachwaha says:

what items we need to take it is not their in subscription box

Birabara Das says:

Very nice

Geetha Karthikeyan says:

Super!! Happy Ganesh Chadurthi

Lata Nirval says:


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