Easy DIY Witch’s Kit Halloween Decoration

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Hellooo everyone! Today is my first halloween video!! YAY! So I’m going to be showing you how to make this adorable DIY Witch’s Kit decoration. It’s incredibly affordable and so easy to make! There are tons of different labels to choose from, so you can play around and make as many of these as you want. Get to work!

If you make this DIY be sure to tweet me a picture to @jcimorelli with the hashtag #DIYwithPXB 🙂

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piper sacco says:

63rd view 😀 ilysm

Brenda Izquierdo says:

Incredible !!! 😉

Candylover says:

Jill u r a perfect role model

BarbiQued says:

So creative! Also, to make the decorations more interactive for halloween night, you could have a jar called bats wings and put in some homemade fruit leathers cut into triangles (blogilates latest video), and put in blackcurrant based fruit punch into the cauldron instead 🙂

Philip Gipson says:

Happy early Halloween, Jill. (c:

twoglamoroustwins says:

Ily!! +your so unique!!!!

Gracey Hensley says:

What’s the song at the beginning when it says pxb?

Dina Dina says:

Another amazing video ! I cannot wait for the next Halloween DIY (if there’s one.. I really hope there is !)

Sydney O says:

first comment!!!

ameli a says:

i like tht song in the beginning

Ana Sousa says:

LOVED all your decor ideas! I love filming/editing/watching Halloween and Fall videos so much <3 love your channel Jill!

Lovely_Unicorn18 says:

1st comment ?

Belle De says:

creative idea!

xEvaLovesBeautyx says:

This is really cool! (: great video by the way!

elya z. says:

what a great idea! one of my favourite diys of yours 🙂

Karen Beltran says:

Very cool stuf! To bad I dont celebrate halloween because of my religion 🙁 I love your vídeos

Erika Lee says:

Nice job Jill! Ly: )

japril 31 says:

OMG 100,000 subbies

TeamSoarWohaa says:

Dear Jill,
I am part of team soar, one of the many teams spreading awareness for an amazing charity called Wings of Hope that provide free education for children in India and Malawi.
Our social network pages are: Instagram – teamsoarwohaa
Twitter – teamsoarwohaa

We would be extremely grateful if you could give a shoutout to team soar in one of your videos
Thanks you x

Nicoletta xo says:

love how creative you are!

Rianne V says:

This is really cool! Love it :))

lindseymarie99 says:

This is awesome
FYI: Snape called and he wants his DIY back 😉

Narayani says:

You r just amazing and creative

Melanie Sinkovitz says:


someone new says:

eye of newt is actually mustard seeds with a dot on it 🙂

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