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✂ SPRINGGG!!!! so even if your city doesn’t quite feeeel like spring yet, that is soo not a reason to get our rooms spring ready! (I’ll also take any excuse to pour more colour into my room) hope you enjoyed these 2016 spring room decor DIYs and I can’t wait to see what you do with them!!! XO lauren


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Jasmine Zimmerman says:

That is so cool

Godsgirl7850 AJ says:

I still can’t believe that my favourite youtuber has the same birthday as me…. #twins

A special Nobody says:

I just relized I can do one of these O.O YAY

Bake n Game says:

Even thought it’s winter I just want to make the flower having Of The stick!

Nadia Azaria says:

could you make a spring easy room decor for a small room?

Dream Makeup says:

Did anyone notice that the date she did was the 11 of June 2015

Lilly Marie says:

Can you tell me Wear in the world you get your paint and paint pins! They are amazing. And the reason I’m watching now is because I want my room to be happy and vibrant and my own little world away from reality!

Fayez Sammour says:

LaurDIY s my life AHHHH LOL

Queen.Ken19 says:

WHERE DO GOOD BOYS GO? ( keep it goin )

A-N-I squad Squad says:


Sam Lewis says:

Triangles are cuuuuute!!! Love diy

Emily Essex says:

Spring starts March 20

Lydia Grow says:

When she was doing the date board, was that song about a guy falling for a lesbian?

Peachie MSP says:

Can you make more diys

Electra Dimba says:

Awww so cute❤The exact date Alex asked u to be his girlfriend☺U are really meant to be together✊️
Ps:I like every videos I watch☺I’m obsessed by ur diys
Love from France

madison harris says:

what is the song at 3:20

Anum Syed says:

Love these DIYs i can’t wait to do them

Tiki Tiffany says:

great video. thanks for sharing. I cant wait to decorate for spring!

XxMaryxX XD says:

Am I a little late? I’m in 2017…. Almost spring…

Chiaras LifestyleHouse says:

whats the name of the music in the endcut?

Ruby perkins says:

Please can you make your videos longer

Tori PLAY says:

1. 😛 / 2. (y) 🙂 / 3. 😛

Tiki Tiffany says:

awesome ideas tfs!!

May Khantha says:

Song dope what’s it called

Thuy Tran says:

what kind of color did u use with the board ??? ❤

Fatima Damian says:

I wish you were my sister

SkylaVlogs says:

Video starts at 00:52, ur welcome

Milla Roo says:

What’s the music called

Tiana Jagdeo says:

i love you . i have bin watching you since i was 4

Jaimie O'Donnell says:

Our spring is in September 🙂

Queen_kate 03 says:

Song at 1:40

Alya says:

if you see this comment you should comment omg

dennis burton says:


Tiki Tiffany says:

great job!!

Cassy_DIYS_&_MORE ! says:

My bday in is spring!! April 9th 2003

Roosje says:

Wat paint did you use with the woorden wall art??❤️

Irina Dream says:

Привет! Смотри на моем канале тоже ВЕСЕННИЙ ДЕКОР комнаты! ))

Ceci Stevens says:

The thing with the flowers and the stick was so cool!

Laura Kutzler says:

your voice sounds like hillary duff

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